Sunday, October 10, 2010

Back from the Consulate...

Dear Family-
Well, I just got back from the consulate. We should receive our visas tomorrow and I should be on a plane by next Tuesday at the latest. I will probably be able to call once I get my flight plans. 5 minutes like before so I can tell you all the details of my flight plans. Going to the consulate was pretty much the same as going to the DMV, long lines. But they were friendlier than DMV workers and everything was in Spanish. I'm actually going to Mexico!

(He told us a few items he needed asap and the specifics, shaver info for blades, etc.)

Thanks so much for your prayers and support. Really there's not much more you can do to be supportive. I get mail on a regular basis and I don't have to be distracted by what is going on at home. Elder XXXXX (one of my good friends, he got reassigned to New Mexico) came to the MTC right at the tail end of his parents divorce, that would be really distracting. There were other Elders who wouldn't get mail for weeks at a time, so don't worry about being supportive. Everything is fine here at the MTC. I will contact you as soon as possible w/ flight plans.


Mom's Note:
Braden did call us Thursday night with much of this information as well as the flight plans. He will leave the MTC on Monday, October 11th. His flight is a direct flight to Mexico leaving SLC at 9:55 am. We will be talking to him from the airport when he has time between checking his bags and boarding the plane. He is flying with his companion, Elder Warr. There are also two other Elders going to other missions in Mexico.
We realize what a blessing it is for Braden and these Elders to get into Mexico. We will continue to pray for all the many missionaries who have been reassigned and are waiting for the authorities' hearts to soften so they can spread the "Good News" to the people of their country.

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