Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Short and Sweet

Dear Family,                                                                                                                                                      

My companion´s real name is Elder ReidReynoso...but the Mexicans have a hard time with that and so he just shortens in to Reynoso. So sometimes I just call him Elder Reynoso because that is what all the Mexicans call him anyways.

To explain the new offices. They moved the offices from Tecamachalco to Aragòn right next to the temple so that they would be a lot closer to the mission. If you sent something to the old offices it is fine because they will just forward it to the new offices I think so don`t worry about it.

My clothes are not that bad. My shirts are sort of yellowish and some of my ties have stains on them but really everything is holding up just fine. My shoes don`t do too well with the crazy rain we`ve been having but they`ll make it unless you want me to buy a new pair before I come? As for my suit, I wear it everytime I go to church and whenever we have a meeting with President....so I have worn it a lot. But I have really only worn my black one and have hardly used my blue one plus I bought a new one in Tepito a while ago because it was really cheap so I will be fine for clothes. On the black suit it is getting sun stained and the bottoms of the pants are frayed but it is still very useable. Plus I still have two brand new short sleeve shirts that you sent me that I haven`t even opened yet. That is a question I have for you though, do you want we to bring all my clothes when I come or do you want me to dump most of it? I was planning on dumping most of it but I guess if you want me to keep it I could.

Today Elder Reynoso and I went to Teotihuacan for the last time. I picked up a couple of things so don`t worry about souvenirs. It was really fun to go back, we are not allowed to visit converts from past areas or members or anything so I couldn`t check up on anyone but it was fun to walk the streets and remember the beginning of my mission. Well, this email might be a little short but I have something else I need to do and then if I have time I will write a little more.


Elder Nelson

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

And the Rains came down...

Oh, Rats!
Dear Family,                                                                                                                                     

Well I got the letters and pictures from last week so thanks for that. I knew that Mom never missed a week and that`s what made it kind of weird for me. But don`t worry I had plenty of other things to do this week to keep me busy. I am officially going to finish my mission in Tulancingo. They announced changes today in the morning and I am also going to stay with Elder ReidReynoso until the end.  I am happy and also sad.  I loved DF so much and I hoped to go back for my last 6 weeks but I love my companion so it he will be a good last companion.

I saw the pictures of Cameron`s graduation and I just kind of sat there in shock for a second or two. That is just so strange. Also Elder Jordan went home on Friday...I also thought that that was a little weird.

The rains that Dad was talking about finally hit this week....it rained ALOT. I sent some pictures. The rat was just rolling down the street struggling for air because the streets had turned into raging rivers. The sewers erupted and became artistic fountains of filth and on top of that it hailed. It started hailing first and Elder Reynoso and I got caught in the middle of the street so we just took off running looking for cover. There were some crazy rapids we had to cross to get back to the house to change socks and with every step the water splashed half way up my calf. It was awesome. I love stuff like that. Then later this week I was in Xicotepec on divisions and it rained there too. The difference is that this time the rain was warm and we were in the middle of the jungle so it was definitely much more epic.

In Xico we had kind of an interesting experience. Early in the day, like about 12pm there was a little girl playing outside in the yard (all dirt and garbage) who ran up to hill to talk to her Dad. Her Dad came out to see what or who we were and his face was painted completely white. He was a clown!! He actually invited us in. We had to work really hard not to laugh as we walked in the house just because we were going to teach a clown. We walked into the one room house full of old food and garbage and dust and began to teach. He actually truly had a need for the gospel and wanted to get closer to God. He accepted to go to church and to be baptized....I guess even clowns need the gospel.

We also contacted another man about 1 who couldn`t let us in right then so we set up an appointment to come back later that evening. The problem is that the streets don`t have signs and the houses don`t have numbers and the colonies are kind of weirdly divided....so we went up the hill and down the hill and across a river and kept looking for him. Finally we found the place where he lived...and he didn`t live there. So, thinking that God might have something else in store for us there we began to search around and knock some doors. I spotted a house on the hill and I felt like we should knock there so we went. The house was made out of tarps and sticks and had cardboard for insulation. The rain was pouring through the roof of tarps and into the house...and they let us in. They expressed a great need for getting closer to God and finding the truth and we got really excited because it was a large family. Then they told us that they go to Misa (mass) every week at 5 in the morning and weren`t interested in learning more about our church. We tried to explain but they just couldn`t accept. I feel like God put us there to give them the chance....but everyone has their agency and unfortunately they used their agency incorrectly. So disappointing...but that is life...that is eternity.

The Elders quorum is going to start reading classes so Eusevio can learn how to read better so we are excited about that.

For the testimony meeting we had them all gathered at the base of the waterfall and there is a rock (the rock where we took the group picture) that kinda looks like pride rock. We sat them all down in a circle and explained the significance of the activity and talked about obedience and diligence and then we each bore our testimonies about the mission and told them that the time was theirs to share what they would like to share (in 1-2 minutes because we didn`t want to be there all day). So one by one they got up and bore their testimonies about the work we do and the life style we lead. It was really cool to hear the testimonies of those who are truly consecrated. There is a true power in delivering yourself over to the Lord. Afterwards we gave them a little time to reflect and take pictures and things like that and then we took them down to eat in the restaurant of a sister in Huauchinango. We ate huaraches (thick foot long tortillas with meat and lettuce and salsa).

The Senior party sounds fun....but I`m not one for staying up until 4 in the morning anymore. I have been waking up at 6:30 and sleeping at 10:30 for two years now and my body is quite used to it. That just doesn`t sound that fun....

That is soo cool that Jackson`s family got to be there for a baptism. I would love to have all of you come see one of ours...but that`s not what God wants so I guess it`s not important. Well...time is running short so I love you all so much. It seems like every other day is a Pday because the weeks are just flying by so quickly...so I`ll be emailing you again soon. Tell all of the returned missionaries hello for me,


Elder Nelson

Monday, June 4, 2012

Last Capacitation

Note from Peggy:  We have had a really hard time with myldsmail lately.  Sometimes we get the letters in pieces several hours apart.  We actually never got his letter this week, I had to hack his account to see if he wrote us, which he had.  Evidently, he never got our letter either.

Happy 21st Birthday!
Querida familia,

Well I assume that something happened or you didn`t have time to write or something. I guess there`s a first time for everything. In the future in something happens and you can`t write if you could at least send me a line or two telling me there wasn`t time and that you`ll write next week just so that I don`t have to wonder what happened. I know I`m coming home soon....but not so soon that you have to stop writing me.

Well, this week went really well. We had two baptisms, Eusevio and Ana. The other elders in our ward baptized a family of 4 and I thought the picture of all of us together was pretty cool. Eusevio is a 22 year old that we found through a ward activity. He just has a huge desire to fix his life and progress in the life. He wanted to be baptized so badly, but it was really hard to get him ready because he doesn`t read very well (about as well as a 1st grader). But he just kept on going and reading and learning and finally he was ready for Sunday. We had two baptismal services, 1 after the services and another at 6:30. Eusevio was baptized after the services with the family of four. Ana was the 15 year old that I told you about. She didn`t believe in God about 3 weeks ago. Her baptismal service was so special and so spiritual and she chose me to baptize her. She didn`t want to get baptized with the other 5 because she doesn’t like attention and didn`t want very many people to be there so we had a service special for her.

We had a council with the district leaders in the zone just before and one of the missionaries in the council was Elder Hopkins. He has been one of my friends in the mission since a long time ago and he goes home on Friday. It is really weird to say good bye to him and Elder Jordan. As he was leaving he said "this may be the last time I see you in the mission, but it is a good image to finish with--Elder Nelson dressed in white." I was reflecting on that during the baptismal service of Ana and I just felt the spirit so strong that I wanted to run outside and tell the whole world about the restored gospel. This is who I am, it is part of me. Then I thought, "How can I ever stop doing this?" My mission has become part of me and I don`t know how I can ever let it go. I don`t want to ever change. We are declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ unto the ends of the world and we are changing lives. We are changing the world one person at a time. I cannot fathom anything that could remotely compare to the satisfaction of being a full time defender and messenger of eternal salvation. There is not enough time in eternity to become fed up or bored with being a missionary if you truly understand what you are about.

I got the birthday package! We had the Zone Leader Council on Thursday the 31st and I received it on Thursday. I also sent a word document with the capacitation that Elder Reynoso and I gave. They chose us to capacitate...it was the last capaciation I will ever give and so we tried to make it really good.  President has a pyramid he uses to teach the process of conversion. The bottom in finding a new family every single day, then comes teaching the first lesson and inviting them to be baptised, then comes going to church, then progressing then baptisms then the temple then the exaltation. It is a pyramid because not every one that is found is baptized and not everyone that is baptized goes to the temple. He also has a three legged stool that teaches about the 3 pillars of the obra misional, diligence, obedience and the Spirit. They assigned us the topic of how the conversion of the investigators has to do with the conversion of the missionary (how the pyramid rests on the stool.) I can explain it later if you don`t understand.

I forgot to tell you a couple stories from last week. Last week Elder Reynoso and I were teaching a lesson. I was speaking when all of the sudden Elder Reynoso stands up and yells "Elder Nelson" pointing at my arm. I jumped to my feet thinking that there was some sort of bug on the couch or something but Elder Reynoso grabbed a pillow and whacked me with it. I was pretty confused until I looked at the ground and saw a spider about the size of a 50 cent piece. It had been secretly crawling over my shoulder while I was teaching and I didn`t notice. Needless to say the spirit left pretty quickly..but I didn`t die so I guess that`s the more important part.

On Saturday (two days ago) we found a new investigator named Irene. She is an older lady (maybe 65) who let us into her house and wanted to hear more about the gospel. She seemed very elect and accepted all her commitments (go to church and baptism for the 17th). We passed by for her the next day and she was ready and waiting for us. She loved church, and when she found out that there was going to be a baptismal service after church she wanted to be baptized! She said that she hadn`t brought clothes and so she didn`t know if she would be able to but she would like to. We explained that we would do everything possible to baptize her the soonest possible, but that this week might be a little too soon. Incredible right? Well, I promised I would respond to everyone who wrote me last week so I`m gonna end this email to write the other ones. My birthday went fine. A normal work day just the way I wanted it. Some members made me a cake so we went and ate cake with them but we also collected a couple references so that it wouldn´t be a complete waste of time. I`m 21...weird. I still feel like I`m 18 and just barely out of high school....I guess the time goes by quickly. Well, I love you all. I hope all is well and that no one got hurt or no emergencies happened. Tell Jackson hello for me and let me know about how his family’s trip went. Also...Mom I need those baptismal photos from me and Elder Bringhurst please. Thanks.


Elder Nelson 

P.S.  Also I forgot to thank Grandma N for the chocolate and the letter. Also thanks for the book. I have been reading it at night and it is really good. I love the quote "The best measure of the greatness of a man is how much he can become like Jesus Christ." Thanks you for the popcorn and fruit leather...everything is sooo good. Thanks love ya bye