Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Story for My Kids

Dear Family,                                                                                      

I have a lot of things to put in this letter so I hope I can make it all fit. First of all Thanksgiving passed by without much fanfare again. People don’t celebrate it at all here so Elder Bringhurst and I were going to buy some chicken and potatoes on Thursday and have our own Thanksgiving. The picture of the missionaries and I is in front of the mission home. 

In front of the Mission Home
As for going to the temple we will be going the 14th of December and we will be going through in Spanish. We went last year in Spanish too...I hope I will be able to understand more this year. I am soo excited to go to the temple. I love the temple so much and I love just walking in and feeling the Spirit without a bunch of cars whizzing by and without having a million appointments and running around and working hard and doing divisions.....but when we go it is just for me. Not to say I don’t love those other things, but it will be nice to go. And as it says in my patriarchal blessing what I learn there will help me help others understand their purpose in life. 

This week a crazy thing happened. On Wednesday we had an appointment with a reference form the Center for Visitors named Navarette. We went and knocked on the door and her husband answered. He was obviously not well in the mind, I think he had sniffed one too many solvents. He told us no...but his wife told us to come in so we went in to their little apartment while he wouldn’t even shake our hand. The whole time we were teaching he was standing over her shoulder and pacing back and forth and answering all the questions for her. So we left and set up an appointment to come back to teach her daughter who would be able to accompany us to the chapel Sunday. We went back and taught her daughter..but outside in the courtyard of the buildings where they live and afterwards we went to go give a book of Mormon to Navarette so that she could read even though she couldn’t go with us the church that week. He wouldn't open the door and kept saying that no one was home...but we kept insisting so finally the door burst open and he asked what we wanted. We told him we wanted to give a book to his wife and said...fine give it to me then. He had just recently sniffed...it smelled like it. With his (The husband’s) hand outstretched Elder Bringhurst told him "It won’t do you any good. It is for your wife and we will only give it to your wife." That kind of agitated him...haha. He took a menacing step towards us and Elder Bringhurst started down the stairs...unfortunately I was too far back in the balcony to make a break for it and as he lunged at me I ran past him and down the stairs...then he started down the stairs after us. Needless to say we went down those stairs faster than I have ever gone down stairs in my life. Once we got down the stairs he stopped chasing us. Kind of a cool experience to tell the kids someday right? We didn’t go back for a return appointment.

Hector and Ami
Also this week Hector was baptized. He is the spouse of Ami who was baptized about three months ago. She was sooo excited. My tie makes my shirt look dirty...but it´s really not I promise. 

On Saturday we found an older lady named Guadalupe. She accepted to go to the church on the next day and explained that she had gone to many churches before looking for the truth and looking for harmony in her home. We went and picked her up and she came with us on Sunday. In Gospel Principles at the end of the lesson on faith Gilda (Who got baptized about 3 weeks ago) asked to share her testimony. She told Guadalupe (without knowing her at all)  about her conversion experience an about how before being baptized her son wouldn’t even talk to her. Now they are very close and fixing a lot of things that needed fixing. She said that though faith Guadalupe would know and feel the truthfulness of the message.  She bore testimony about how God had guided Guadalupe to this church on this day to feel peace and tranquility so that she would know that this was the true church!! How cool is the way that the Spirit works in each of us to the benefit of those who need it most. I know the Spirit guides us. 

Why do I have to put a Mexican number on Skype? Why can´t I just use the same phone number?
Well, I have run out of time. I love you all so much and thank you so much for the talks.


Elder Nelson

Monday, November 21, 2011


Dear Family,                                                                                                                         

This week went by so fast...everything just goes by so fast. It was just barely last Monday...but here we are once again. 

Jase is doing really well. He is training again and just barely got made a district leader. He seems happy but I only get to see him about once every 3 or 4 weeks. His zone leaders are really good so he is in good hands. Transfers went well. It is always really stressful and a lot of work but I love it. We received 13 new Americans fresh form the good ole USA...they always have this awesome deer in he headlights look in their eyes and everyone carries around their dictionary. I love changes, I love what it means. Changes not just of place and companion but changes of life. A time to start over and renew our dedication to give 200 percent for God. 100 percent is not enough...we must always expect more of ourselves than we are...that is the only way to progress and flourish.

I will take a picture in front of the mission home. But the thing about the offices is that it is in a 10 story sky scraper where the general offices of the church in Mexico are so there isn´t really a sign. Plus I have only been to the offices like 3 times because I don`t work in the offices. We do missionary work in the field. The mission home doesn´t have a sign either but tomorrow I will be there so I will take a picture. Neither one of them are in the mission, they are in the West mission. They are about 2 hours from my area in metro and bus but we go there about 2 or 3 times a transfer for different planning or training things. 

This week I have been really good about my journal. I usually write once every other day or every three days, but I wrote every single day this week. We had a really cool experience with Gloria. She was baptized last week and was confirmed yesterday. On the Friday before her baptism she was watching tv when a program about horoscopes came on. She was going to turn it off but something told her not to. She watched her horoscope which said...(I am not making this up it is exactly what she told us) "You have had two people visiting you in your home. These two people are foreigners. Their message is true. Do what they ask of you and it will bless your life richly. What you are going to do this weekend is what God wants of you, so don´t be scared."!!!!!!!!!!!! How cool right?! God truly has a mysterious way of communicating with His children. It built my testimony even more that there are millions of people just sitting around waiting for us, we just have to go find them.

I love to go check up on the mutual night activities and see Gilda and Estér and Ami and Gloria and Juana and Blanca Lydia...and all the rest of our converts progressing and being so happy in the gospel. This week Ami´s husband Hector is going to be baptized. He was a little reluctant because he had been going to a Christian church since he was born, so we really didn´t visit him that much. Ami left his book of Mormon on his pillowcase and every night asked him to read it. He did and converted himself solo...another convert for the Book of Mormon! It is incredible to see the different ways that God works in people´s lives. 

Happy thanksgiving, on Thursday we will have a Zone Leaders Council...not much time to celebrate in the work of the Lord. Elder Bringhurst and I will buy a roticery (I know that isn´t spelled right but I couldn´t remember how to spell it) chicken and call it good. 

I am going to try to attach the newsletter...Cameron or Kolby can translate it. I also would like to ask a favor. If everyone could attach their favorite general conference (From whichever general conference) address I would love to read them. The words of the prophets are so critical right now, and it is so important to read them and understand the spirit and letter of what they are trying to teach us.  

I love you all so much. Melissa thank you so much for your letter. I´m glad you are happy and that everything is going well. Keep doing what you are supposed to be doing. I love you all and pray for you so much.

Love Elder Nelson

Monday, November 14, 2011

Mexican Etiquette

Dear Family,

Ok, I will answer the questions first so that I don´t forget. On the day of the dead we worked just like normal until the end of the day. In DF it was a  lot different that it was in Teotihuacan. It was basically just like Halloween...all the kids dressed up and went around asking for candy and stuff. The Catholic part of Day of the Dead was still pretty strong, everyone put up their altar to their loved ones that had already passed on with their food offerings and candles. It is kind of hard to explain so it will probably be better when I get home. There is actually a bull fighting ring in Pachuca. I never went...but a lot of people watch the fights from Spain and things. 
The elder with me in last week´s picture was Elder Pukahi, he is the visas secretary. We met them at the tacos on Monday on their way to Teotihuacan. I am still with Elder Bringhurst...we are going to compete 5 months together in a week or so. I love him so much and I really am glad that we have been together because I have learned so much with him. As for changes (which are Tuesday) President told us in our interview with him this week that Elder Bringhurst will probably be leaving Campestre to train in about January or February. He will have 3 months left in February so that will probably be about when we see a new companion. I will be here for a long time because if Elder Bringhurst leaves in January or February then I will train the new assistant and leave in about March or April. But I just told President that I´m good wherever he wants me. Wherever he wants me is wherever God wants me so I´m pretty much good wherever.
As for weird things I probably won´t notice them until I´m home because everything is so normal to me now. But one funny thing is that people always get on the metro and buses selling peanuts and pens and pictures of the Virgin Mary or whatever thing they could get their hands on. Sometimes they play instruments or tell jokes....but all with the (fin) of making money. Also...when someone walks by where people are eating you usually say "provecho"  to which all the people eating respond "gracias". If you are walking through a group of people and you don´t say "con permiso" everyone looks at you like you killed someone. And you never ever throw money. If you buy something and just kind of toss the money on the counter....it basically is the same as flipping them off. You have to lay it nicely down on the counter or put it directly into their hand. I can´t really think of anything else right now. Also it is completely acceptable to talk bad about American and Argentinians...but if you happen to defend Americans or Argentinians (everyone hates them because they are really proud and think they are all that.....but they are not) you are automatically racist and every one asks you why there are so many racists in America. Just some funny things from Mexico. I can´t really think of anything else.
Today we got up at 4:45 to go pick up the new Mexican elders form the CCM and take them to the house of President and train them. I think we´ll have some good elders from this group. I wonder if that´s how it was when we were receiving our first lessons in the spirit world before coming here. "I think we´ll have some good ones from this group..." Tomorrow will be the changes.
My favorite area is Teotihucan. I would go back if President would let me. I don´t know how possible that is...but we can always hope. The Martinez Avila family is taking the temple prep classes, but don´t have a date yet. They say that it will probably be before December !!!!
Miguel's Mom
I sent the pictures from the baptism of Miguel's mom. She was baptized on Sunday and I got to baptize her. When I was baptizing her my foot slipped and my sandal fell off...but I still got her up fine and the ordinance didn´t have to be repeated. It´s funny how much we don´t appreciate the important things sometimes. This week the mission baptized 56, which is a long ways from where I would like it to be. But President just said, well that´s 56 souls saved in the Kingdom of God. True, and I repented for being disappointed. 
I love you all. I am glad Mom´s surgery went well and I hope that she really does get better this time. Ask the helper lady what part of Pachuca she is from...like what colony. I love you all so much and I hope you are all doing as well as I imagine.

´Till next week,
Elder Nelson 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Planted Seeds

Dear Family,                                                                                                  

Gilda with Elder Bringhurst, Elder Nelson and President Hicken
This week was crazy busy. We did divisions with 4 different zones. I left my area Tuesday night and didn’t come back until Saturday morning. I attached the pictures from the last several baptisms that we have had. The one with President in it is Gilda. She is so incredible. President came because taught her one time when he was accompanying us to lessons. We were kind of freaking out because President had never come to a baptismal service of ours before. We did a musical number "nearer my God to Thee" where Elder Bringhurst played the piano and I sang with two other men from our ward. After the baptism the ward mission leader asked Gilda to stand up and express how she felt. She stood up and said "Yo no sentí nada...." I heard President choke a little bit and I was really confused, but then she clarified, "Yo no sentí nada porque ya lo había sentido antes. Tengo un sentimiento en mi pecho que no puedo describir. Siento que va a explotar de alegría y felicidad. He sentido mi fe crecer desde cuando conocí estos dos misioneros y siento que el Señor me ha estado preparando para este momento por algunos años..." (I did not feel anything because I had felt before. I have a feeling in my chest that I can not describe. I feel I will explode with joy and happiness. I felt my faith grow from when I met these two missionaries and I feel the Lord has been preparing for this moment for a few years) Sorry...but it just isn’t the same in English. She said that other missionaries had passed her by on the street without talking to her and she had been looking for God. In one of the lessons we read Alma 32 and she stopped us mid-sentence and said "this is exactly what I feel right now" (we were reading about how the seed will grow and will begin to be delicious to you). So incredibly prepared to hear the gospel. The other baptism is Estér. 

Outside Tulancingo
Puebla outside Teotihuacan
Also when were driving to Tulancingo with President this week to do divisions he took a wrong turn and we ended up having to drive through all the little pueblos of Teotihuacán to get back to the highway. We happened to drive right by the house of the Martinez_Avila (This is the family that he baptized when he first arrived in Mexico)...but we didn’t have enough time to stop. Also I have a testimony that not a single effort is wasted in the mission. A family that I taught in Teotihuacán when I was there finally got baptized this week by other missionaries. I just wasn’t there at the right time. 

At Elder Nelson's favorite taco stand
Tell Kolby I laughed really hard at that story...who tries to catch knives with their hands?

The picture of me with the other missionary is in the tacos where we went for Elder Bringhursts birthday. We went again today. Weird people live here. While we were eating tacos this unshaven guy in a soccer jersey just comes over and starts singing acapella...people here will do anything for a peso.

Mom, Joe shared this scripture with me about a year ago and it has helped me a ton. I think it can help you too. D&C 123:17. Also ask her (from Peggy: He is asking about a lady I recently met) which university she lived by because there was a university in my area. But it was over in Loreto/el arbolito and I think she lives over by Chacón or Pachuquilla. But that is way cool that she is from Pachuca. Well sorry time is short today, but thanks for all you prayers and support. I pray for you every day. 


Elder Nelson

P.S. HHHAAPPYY  BBBIIIRRTTHHDDDAAYY!! Cameron I love ya man. You are now a man. Make sure you apply well to BYU so we can be there together for a semester. I love ya and I will try to write a better letter next week or maybe in snail mail.