Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Story for My Kids

Dear Family,                                                                                      

I have a lot of things to put in this letter so I hope I can make it all fit. First of all Thanksgiving passed by without much fanfare again. People don’t celebrate it at all here so Elder Bringhurst and I were going to buy some chicken and potatoes on Thursday and have our own Thanksgiving. The picture of the missionaries and I is in front of the mission home. 

In front of the Mission Home
As for going to the temple we will be going the 14th of December and we will be going through in Spanish. We went last year in Spanish too...I hope I will be able to understand more this year. I am soo excited to go to the temple. I love the temple so much and I love just walking in and feeling the Spirit without a bunch of cars whizzing by and without having a million appointments and running around and working hard and doing divisions.....but when we go it is just for me. Not to say I don’t love those other things, but it will be nice to go. And as it says in my patriarchal blessing what I learn there will help me help others understand their purpose in life. 

This week a crazy thing happened. On Wednesday we had an appointment with a reference form the Center for Visitors named Navarette. We went and knocked on the door and her husband answered. He was obviously not well in the mind, I think he had sniffed one too many solvents. He told us no...but his wife told us to come in so we went in to their little apartment while he wouldn’t even shake our hand. The whole time we were teaching he was standing over her shoulder and pacing back and forth and answering all the questions for her. So we left and set up an appointment to come back to teach her daughter who would be able to accompany us to the chapel Sunday. We went back and taught her daughter..but outside in the courtyard of the buildings where they live and afterwards we went to go give a book of Mormon to Navarette so that she could read even though she couldn’t go with us the church that week. He wouldn't open the door and kept saying that no one was home...but we kept insisting so finally the door burst open and he asked what we wanted. We told him we wanted to give a book to his wife and said...fine give it to me then. He had just recently sniffed...it smelled like it. With his (The husband’s) hand outstretched Elder Bringhurst told him "It won’t do you any good. It is for your wife and we will only give it to your wife." That kind of agitated him...haha. He took a menacing step towards us and Elder Bringhurst started down the stairs...unfortunately I was too far back in the balcony to make a break for it and as he lunged at me I ran past him and down the stairs...then he started down the stairs after us. Needless to say we went down those stairs faster than I have ever gone down stairs in my life. Once we got down the stairs he stopped chasing us. Kind of a cool experience to tell the kids someday right? We didn’t go back for a return appointment.

Hector and Ami
Also this week Hector was baptized. He is the spouse of Ami who was baptized about three months ago. She was sooo excited. My tie makes my shirt look dirty...but it´s really not I promise. 

On Saturday we found an older lady named Guadalupe. She accepted to go to the church on the next day and explained that she had gone to many churches before looking for the truth and looking for harmony in her home. We went and picked her up and she came with us on Sunday. In Gospel Principles at the end of the lesson on faith Gilda (Who got baptized about 3 weeks ago) asked to share her testimony. She told Guadalupe (without knowing her at all)  about her conversion experience an about how before being baptized her son wouldn’t even talk to her. Now they are very close and fixing a lot of things that needed fixing. She said that though faith Guadalupe would know and feel the truthfulness of the message.  She bore testimony about how God had guided Guadalupe to this church on this day to feel peace and tranquility so that she would know that this was the true church!! How cool is the way that the Spirit works in each of us to the benefit of those who need it most. I know the Spirit guides us. 

Why do I have to put a Mexican number on Skype? Why can´t I just use the same phone number?
Well, I have run out of time. I love you all so much and thank you so much for the talks.


Elder Nelson

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