Monday, December 5, 2011

Bending Sticks

 Dear Family,                                                         

        This week just went by so fast, I get scared when I start feeling how fast the weeks are going by but I guess there is nothing else I can do except put my head down and work. This Sunday we had an interesting experience in the baptism of Alberto and Alejandro, the grandchildren of Blanca Lydia (who was baptized about 3 months ago). We started the week thinking that they weren’t going to be baptized because their mom has been pretty obstinate (even though Blanca Lydia wanted them to be baptized we couldn’t do it without the permission of their mom). Blanca and her daughter fight a lot because they are both very stubborn and quick tempered...But we talked to Blanca Lydia about being patient and about how you can´t snap a stick into place...or it will snap. You have to be patient and little by little bend it and by and by it will get to the shape you want without breaking. She took it to heart and had been talking to her daughter and apologizing for the fights they had had. And lo and behold the mom told her that they could be baptized!! (I think it might have had something to do with the fact that the kids went to their mom telling her they wanted to do it.) Then we get to the church on Sunday for Stake Conference (President Hicken spoke) to start filling up the font and there was no water. The maintenance people had messed up the power in the church so the lights were flickering throughout the whole conference and there wasn’t enough power for the pump to take the water from the cistern to the tank above the church...result is that we couldn’t fill the font. So we called up the next closest chapel and asked them to leave the font filled so that after the conference we could go (in the stake center right by the temple) use it after them. So after the conference we went to the Centro Para Visitantes to entertain the kids while we went and set up the baptism in the church. After waiting for an hour for the bishop and the primary to show up we finally got started and got the baptism done. I loved it when Blanca Lydia stood up to bear her testimony to her grandchildren and talked about how much she had prayed for this day to come.

         Also another cool thing happened with Guadalupe. She is an investigator that was just so prepared to hear the gospel, she is scheduled to be baptized this Sunday. We found her last Saturday at about 6 pm. We talked to her in the street and she led us to her home where we taught her the first time. The next day when we showed up to pick her up for church she was wearing a skirt and a nice blouse (most investigators go the first time in jeans or casual clothes). Then in Relief Society they talked about fasting on the first Sunday of the month...but Guadalupe misunderstood and when we went to visit her on the 1st day of the month she had decided to fast. The first time we left the Book of Mormon with her (in the first visit) she was going to read 3 Nefi 11...but somehow she opened up to the wrong chapter and read the sermon on the mount where it talks about being kind to our projimo. She has a sister that she had been fighting with...but reading the Book of Mormon she felt a peace and love that touched her heart and she went right then to fix things with her sister...then she read 3 Nefi 11. It´s awesome to see the Spirit guide the process of conversion, I love to know that we are not alone in the work but that we are actually a threesome of me and my companion and Divinity. 

         Also this week Elder De Hoyos of the 1st Quorom of the 70 came to tour the misión. He talked about the Atonement and the Book of Mormon. I made  a promise to read the Book of Mormon every single day for the rest of my life. I’ve been carrying a 3x5 in my triple with the days and material that I have studied. I remember that Grandpa always used to carry a 3x5 in his pocket to write important things on, I now know why. It is very useful to carry a 3x5 with a hymn to memorize so that whenever distracting thoughts come into my mind I can hum my favorite hymn. 

         Also I promised Dad that I would write about my impression on the Mexican people and culture. Well, it´s very hard to explain. I love them so much. Today a brother took us to an IHOP  (it was soo good). As far as the church goes…it is still very immature. They just don’t understand how the different organizations should and could work if all would just lend a hand…unfortunately people work so much that the Ward relies on the 5 or 6 people that actually understand the work. It is very much less organized, and a very much more selfish environment…yet at the same time unselfish. Some are willing to sacrifice anything to help another...others are willing to do anything to get ahead...but I need more time to explain more fully. Mom I will get the package next week when we go to the temple. I love you all so much and I pray that you are doing well.


Elder Nelson

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