Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Children in Christ

Alberto, Jesus and Blanca Lydia
Dear Family,                                                                                                              

I attached the pictures of Alberto and Jesus who were baptized last week and of Guadalupe who was baptized this week. I also attached a picture of us and the Hno. German who took us to IHOP last week. First I will answer the questions and then I will talk about the baptisms. I will call home upon Christmas Day.  I don`t have any questions...but I`m sure you will have plenty so I will be ready to answer. Yes we will be going to the Temple this week. Half of the mission goes tomorrow and my half of the mission goes on Wednesday.  We will be going through in the 10 am session and then eating in the comedor del templo. Then afterwards we will have a talent show. I am soo excited to go to the temple. The Martinez Avila Family is going through the temple either this week or next week I am not quite sure yet...but the missionaries in Teotihuacan said they would let me know.

Hermano German took us to IHOP :)
MMmmm   :)
I actually did feel the earthquake. We were checking on a reference that some other missionaries had given us and I was leaning up against the front door of the house when all the sudden I felt like I got really dizzy because the world started moving around me. I thought that someone was shaking the front door at first...but it only lasted about 30 seconds. It kind of made me sea sick but it was a cool experience. I heard that 3 people died in Guerrero where the epicenter was but I think that it only scared people here in DF. I did not get to see the Christmas devotional and I don`t think we will be going to a Retirement home again since Christmas is on a Sunday. But I am pretty sure we will be holding a baptismal service on Christmas Day so I thought that was cool.

This week Guadalupe was baptized. She has been an incredible investigator with almost no challenges. She always tells us that when we first came to her house she felt a peace and a tranquility that helped her know right there in the first lesson that God wanted her to follow this path, she accepted her baptismal date in the first lesson and never looked back. I got to baptize her and it was just so exciting because of how excited she was to be baptized. Afterwards she was asked to bear her testimony about how she felt....and instead she offered a prayer. No one`s perfect I guess and we all have a ways to go before we arrive in eternity. But new converts are always just like children on Christmas...everything is new and they are just looking to see and touch and feel everything. As it says in the bible they are "children in Christ." But they are so innocent and pure and I just wish that all the members of the church were like that. 

Sunday was fast and testimony meeting and Gilda and Estèr stood up to give their testimonies. Ester told about how she had prayed and prayed to find a job because she just wanted to be able to pay a tithing. The Lord answered her prayer and she found a job this week. Gilda talked about the blessings of being a recent convert and how the Lord has blessed her in her life. It made me so proud to know that they are progressing and becoming faithful members of the church. 
Last week mom asked if we do any exercise. Well we have a half an hour in the morning where we should do exercise and since Elder Bringhurst isn`t really a running type I usually just do pushups and sit-ups and we have a little dumbbell to do curls and stuff. Actually yesterday in weekly planning Elder Bringhurst and I started a two week contest to see who could get the best 6 pack....obviously he didn`t know what he was getting himself into. We took before pictures and in 2 weeks we will take the after....we`ll see what happens. Well I am running out of time, I love you all so much and I hope you are having a merry Christmas because I sure will be. 


Elder Nelson

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