Monday, December 19, 2011

Amen and Hallelujah!

Dear Family,

I did get my package when I went to the temple on Wednesday!! Thank you so much for everything you put in it. The hot chocolate is so good in the mornings when it is cold and the sweater is really nice. I also loved the BYU shirt, got to keep the pride alive. I´m convincing the missionaries one by one to go there after the mission. Also I set up the Christmas tree, I was actually going to buy a tree so I´m glad you thought of that. Melissa thank you for the muddy buddies I think of you everytime I eat them. I also got the mini PMG, thank you for that. The other package hasn´t gotten here yet but it probably will either this week or next week and I will let you know. 

Well, I hope this whole Skype thing works out. Have your questions ready because 45 minutes will go by quickly. If the internet doesn´t work very well I will still call you. I can´t believe that 7 months have passed by since mother´s day....crazy how that works. 

The temple was incredible. It has been a full year since I got to go last time and it was really interesting to enter. Outside the temple is on a busy street where loud buses and honking horns abound....walking in the horns and buses slowly fade into nothing and a wall of peace and spirit nails you. You start feeling good, happy, carefree...a smile leaps to your face and you don´t even know why you are smiling but you just feel good. I guess I had forgotten what it was like to be surrounded by the Spirit in the house of God. It was like I could think more clearly. It was so awesome to recharge and rebound to go back out and work like crazy again. Speaking of the temple, the familia Martinez Avila is getting sealed on Wednesday!!!!!! At 2pm I will be in the sealing room and I am sooo excited. I haven´t seen them in so long, but they are finally doing it!!!! I will send pictures next week.

We split the mission into the Pachuca Tulancingo (far away) half and the closer half. The far away half went to the temple and had their talent show Tuesday and we had ours Wednesday. After the temple sessions we ate in the cafeteria in the temple and we had a talent show, one skit or musical number from each zone. They were all pretty funny.

It is starting to get cold here. By cold I mean that it is cold enough to need a sweater in the morning to study, but by the time we leave to work the sun is shining and it actually gets kind of hot. Also at night it gets cold when the sun goes down. 

Elder Warr is one of the zone leaders of Pachuca Centro, so we see him every now and then in divisions and meetings and we talk to him every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday for reports.  

Well this week we had a really good week. We found a bunch of families to teach. I always like teaching the family better than one or two individuals. Unfortunately some of them went out of town for the holidays, but they will be coming back this week or next week. We brought the Hernandez Muñoz family to church and they seem really excited. It is a mother and father (who just suffered a stroke or something like that) and their 2 daughters. They happen to live in the same building where the bishop lives. We will see how they progress this week. 

We had an interesting experience this week. Elder Bringhurst and I were contacting over by the chapel at night time. It was pretty dark when we contacted a man walking alone in the street. He answered us by telling us about his conversion to the Pare de Sufrir church and about it had saved him from drugs and how grateful he was to Christ for saving him. He started getting more and more excited and animated and started yelling. Then we tried to ask if his church had 12 apostles, he responded by telling us about how Christ drove out demons....then he put his hands around my head and yelled "En el Nombre de Jesus mando a los demonios que salten de este cuerpo!" He was trying to do an exorcism or something. Elder Bringhurst asked him if I had a demon....he said "No, pero para suguridad" we then started walking away dumbfounded when he yelled "Amen" to which I yelled "Amen Hallelujah!!" He then yelled hallelujah and walked away yelling something about Christ. Christians are so weird. 

I have been thinking a lot about consecration this week. What is it and how do we achieve it? I realized that right now is about the best chance we are going to have to consecrate ourselves to the Lord, our time is so short, but if we cannot consecrate ourselves now, there is no tomorrow. Now is the time to change, now is the time to improve because tomorrow will never come. If we can make the change now, dedicate ourselves 100 percent now, become Christlike now...then have we become good and faithful servants and only then will we enter into the rest of the Lord. Because the rest of the Lord is not tomorrow or after we is now. It is the calm assurance that we are headed for the celestial kingdom, that if we were to die right now that we would be ready now. I guess I´ve got a lot of work to do. Well, my time is about up. I love you all and I will talk to you on Sunday.


Elder Nelson

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