Monday, November 21, 2011


Dear Family,                                                                                                                         

This week went by so fast...everything just goes by so fast. It was just barely last Monday...but here we are once again. 

Jase is doing really well. He is training again and just barely got made a district leader. He seems happy but I only get to see him about once every 3 or 4 weeks. His zone leaders are really good so he is in good hands. Transfers went well. It is always really stressful and a lot of work but I love it. We received 13 new Americans fresh form the good ole USA...they always have this awesome deer in he headlights look in their eyes and everyone carries around their dictionary. I love changes, I love what it means. Changes not just of place and companion but changes of life. A time to start over and renew our dedication to give 200 percent for God. 100 percent is not enough...we must always expect more of ourselves than we are...that is the only way to progress and flourish.

I will take a picture in front of the mission home. But the thing about the offices is that it is in a 10 story sky scraper where the general offices of the church in Mexico are so there isn´t really a sign. Plus I have only been to the offices like 3 times because I don`t work in the offices. We do missionary work in the field. The mission home doesn´t have a sign either but tomorrow I will be there so I will take a picture. Neither one of them are in the mission, they are in the West mission. They are about 2 hours from my area in metro and bus but we go there about 2 or 3 times a transfer for different planning or training things. 

This week I have been really good about my journal. I usually write once every other day or every three days, but I wrote every single day this week. We had a really cool experience with Gloria. She was baptized last week and was confirmed yesterday. On the Friday before her baptism she was watching tv when a program about horoscopes came on. She was going to turn it off but something told her not to. She watched her horoscope which said...(I am not making this up it is exactly what she told us) "You have had two people visiting you in your home. These two people are foreigners. Their message is true. Do what they ask of you and it will bless your life richly. What you are going to do this weekend is what God wants of you, so don´t be scared."!!!!!!!!!!!! How cool right?! God truly has a mysterious way of communicating with His children. It built my testimony even more that there are millions of people just sitting around waiting for us, we just have to go find them.

I love to go check up on the mutual night activities and see Gilda and Estér and Ami and Gloria and Juana and Blanca Lydia...and all the rest of our converts progressing and being so happy in the gospel. This week Ami´s husband Hector is going to be baptized. He was a little reluctant because he had been going to a Christian church since he was born, so we really didn´t visit him that much. Ami left his book of Mormon on his pillowcase and every night asked him to read it. He did and converted himself solo...another convert for the Book of Mormon! It is incredible to see the different ways that God works in people´s lives. 

Happy thanksgiving, on Thursday we will have a Zone Leaders Council...not much time to celebrate in the work of the Lord. Elder Bringhurst and I will buy a roticery (I know that isn´t spelled right but I couldn´t remember how to spell it) chicken and call it good. 

I am going to try to attach the newsletter...Cameron or Kolby can translate it. I also would like to ask a favor. If everyone could attach their favorite general conference (From whichever general conference) address I would love to read them. The words of the prophets are so critical right now, and it is so important to read them and understand the spirit and letter of what they are trying to teach us.  

I love you all so much. Melissa thank you so much for your letter. I´m glad you are happy and that everything is going well. Keep doing what you are supposed to be doing. I love you all and pray for you so much.

Love Elder Nelson

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