Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Short and Sweet

Dear Family,                                                                                                                                                      

My companion´s real name is Elder ReidReynoso...but the Mexicans have a hard time with that and so he just shortens in to Reynoso. So sometimes I just call him Elder Reynoso because that is what all the Mexicans call him anyways.

To explain the new offices. They moved the offices from Tecamachalco to Aragòn right next to the temple so that they would be a lot closer to the mission. If you sent something to the old offices it is fine because they will just forward it to the new offices I think so don`t worry about it.

My clothes are not that bad. My shirts are sort of yellowish and some of my ties have stains on them but really everything is holding up just fine. My shoes don`t do too well with the crazy rain we`ve been having but they`ll make it unless you want me to buy a new pair before I come? As for my suit, I wear it everytime I go to church and whenever we have a meeting with President....so I have worn it a lot. But I have really only worn my black one and have hardly used my blue one plus I bought a new one in Tepito a while ago because it was really cheap so I will be fine for clothes. On the black suit it is getting sun stained and the bottoms of the pants are frayed but it is still very useable. Plus I still have two brand new short sleeve shirts that you sent me that I haven`t even opened yet. That is a question I have for you though, do you want we to bring all my clothes when I come or do you want me to dump most of it? I was planning on dumping most of it but I guess if you want me to keep it I could.

Today Elder Reynoso and I went to Teotihuacan for the last time. I picked up a couple of things so don`t worry about souvenirs. It was really fun to go back, we are not allowed to visit converts from past areas or members or anything so I couldn`t check up on anyone but it was fun to walk the streets and remember the beginning of my mission. Well, this email might be a little short but I have something else I need to do and then if I have time I will write a little more.


Elder Nelson

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