Sunday, July 1, 2012

Santa Ana Hueytalpan

Dear Family,                                                                                                                         

Every week I think to myself that I just barely wrote this letter and that there is not much to write...then I start thinking about all the things that happen in a week and I realize that there really is a lot to write. 
This week we started a project with the ward in a little pueblo of about 7,000 called Santa Ana Hueytlalpan. There are several members there (inactives) about 40 minutes away from the church building in Tulancingo. There used to be a good amount of priesthood but they all are working in the U.S. This is the next closest pueblo to Tulancingo and there are a ton of little towns out there waiting for the gospel. We are going once a week with the priesthood from our ward to activate and baptize and hopefully create a branch. Tulancigo is a small town...but this place is really small. Most of the people work in the fields for the food that they eat and most of the town doesn`t have paved roads. There are cows and horses and chickens all over the place and it is awesome!! I would say that about 90 percent of the people have never heard of the church before so there is a twofold mission of preaching the gospel and establishing good public relations. The four missionaries went on Friday to check it out and see if there was potential. Everyone told us that we should be careful because the pueblo was a little dangerous seeing as how there is quite a bit of witchcraft in Santa Ana and that after dark every one carries pistol and shoots first and asks questions later. We left before it got dark but I am so excited to see the work finally roll forth in Insurgentes. Our ward (look at it on ldsmaps) is huge...about 7 hours wide and contains thousands of little pueblos and cities that need the gospel. We are growing from the center out and starting the work of preaching the gospel to all nations and tongues. The people in Santa Ana don`t all speak Spanish...there is a dialect callled Otomi. Usually the older generation doesn`t speak Spanish very well but all the adults and young people do. I don`t really plan on learning the dialect but I am picking up a phrase here or there. As we were visiting the less active on Friday several started to cry. They had been so long without a visit and felt a little abandoned. We had two or three families come again on Sunday from Santa Ana so I am really excited to see that grow.

We had my last Zone Conference on Wednesday so it was my last time seeing a couple of my friends here in the mission. Elder Reynoso and I were in charge of taking care of the food for the conference. It was a multi zone conference with a total of about 45 missionaries. We had a sister in the ward make guajolotes (the famous original thing from Tulancingo). It is a sandwich made with a large roll with enchiladas and beans and meat in it. They are pretty good and they are pretty cheap too. Normally it costs about 15 pesos so we fed them all for about 3 bucks a head.

I assume that I will go to the temple again but we get the calendar for July on Thursday in the Zone Leaders Council. The temple closes in July but I`m not sure which day. I really want to go to the temple again before I go. I love it in Spanish and I love the Mexico City Temple.
We are working hard and seeing miracles, time in the service of the Almighty just flies and I just wish it would never end. I`m anxious for in a couple months when Cameron has the opportunity to serve because you just can`t describe have to experience it. Thank you for the USB drive...I got it this week and I printed the pictures.

One last problem.....debit cards expire and mine has swiped it`s last swipe. I had a little money from my personal card in cash in my suit cases just in case and I used it last week at Teotihuacan...but then afterwards I went to replenish it...and the card expired in May. I haven`t been able to get a hammock yet because this part of Mexico doesn`t really use them that much and I haven`t found a place that sells them...but de todos modos (anyway) if I`m going to buy one for Darci and Joe I need a new debit card...kinda quickly. Just some food for thought. Thanks for everything you do for me. Thank you for your prayers.


Elder Nelson

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