Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Last Full Week

Dear Family,                                                                                                                                                                                          

I really can`t believe that it is Monday again. You just get so caught up in the week that you don`t notice the time passing and then all the sudden it is Monday again and here we are in the internet café writing the family again. Well I am gonna answer the questions first. The new offices are on the temple square. They built them in the apartments where the sister missionaries working in the centro para visitantes used to live...but there is no CV anymore so they built them there. The sign is on the bottom of the staircase because everything from the base level up to the 5th floor is the office. (The area doctor and the office couple and the secretaries live in the offices). The inside of the offices looks exactly the same as the picture of the Ostler family in visiting Elder Swenson. Originally (when I was an assistant) the offices were in Tecamachalco because that is where the Area Mexico offices are and that was where the church had space for us. But the offices now are right outside the Aragòn stake center and so it will be a lot easier for mail and everything.

This week we had a lot of good things and a lot of bad things happen. We had an assistance of 17 from Santa Ana Hueytlalpan this week in Sacrament meeting so things are looking really good there. We had three Melchizedek Priesthood eligible men attend (we need 7 to make a branch) and one young man was ordained a deacon. The bad part is that all of our investigators from Tulancingo didn`t go to church...which is funny because we only work 1 day a week in Santa Ana and the other 6 in Tulancingo. Go figure.

Also one thing that has been bugging me a little bit is that I sent a package home about 3 months ago...it takes a long time for packages from Mexico to get to America so it isn`t lost...but could you pray that it get there please? It didn`t have that much in it just the jeans and shoes and stuff that I didn`t want to throw away but that didn`t fit in my suit cases. Thanks.

Well the 4th of July I was in divisions with another American, Elder Quist, but we forgot that it was the 4th...such great Americans we are. It is such a blessing to live in the U.S. and have the order and freedoms that we have there.

Good for Allison, I think she will be a good missionary. Anyone is if they can learn to deny themselves and follow Christ. Tell her I said good luck and to tell her that the mission is a lot like a cross country race.

As for traveling on Saturday...as a matter of fact we are the only mission in all of Mexico to do things the way we do them. Most missions send missionaries home on Monday or Tuesday but since we are the best mission in the whole world we have to do things our way.

GOOD NEWS!!!! I just heard that the Carrapia Hernandez family (the first family that I baptized in Campestre Aragòn) is getting sealed!!! They are going to be sealed on the Friday 20th at 12 noon. The good news is that since the missionary going home session doesn`t start until 2 pm I get to go!! That is the best way to finish a mission and I am soo excited for them. I won`t be traveling to D.F. until the 20th I think but I haven`t really thought about it that much.

It feels a little surreal that this is my last full week of work. I still feel normal...like I still have a whole year left in the mission. I have been praying every night that I not realize how close it is and that I can keep my focus so that is an answer to a prayer. Every time I think about how this is my last full week it gives me an energy boost because I have to talk to everyone in all of Tulancingo in 2 weeks.

This letter is a little short because I really just want to go work. I know that the Lord is preparing souls for us to save in this moment and that thought doesn`t let me rest or slow down. When I peer into the face of my Savior Jesus Christ on that great day of judgment I want Him to be smiling. I am anxious to please Him and I know what He expects of me. I aim to please and serve Him...and I figure that everyone else I am trying to please will be happy with me if I can achieve to make Him happy. Thanks for your prayers....please pray that we can find solid investigators and families to leave for Elder Reynoso.


Elder Nelson 

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