Monday, December 13, 2010

Hello Family!

A lot of things have happened this week, and I don´t have very much time to write this week because the lady that cut our hair took forever. Big news of the week, Elder Llanos left for Peru. I have bronchitis, and we went to see the doctor on Wednesday at the MTC at the Mexico City Temple, (he gave me a presciption and everything is fine...don´t worry mom I feel fine and am taking my pills) On the way back, Presidente called us, and said "Elder Llanos I have a surprise for are going to spend the Christmas with your family, you will leave Saturday." We were kind of shell shocked. We spent Thursday doing all the things we needed to do before Elder Llanos left, and Friday I dropped him off at the Temple for his last day with Presidente. It all happened way fast. Transfers aren´t until tomorrow, so I have been staying with my Zone Leaders in Venta de Carpio since Friday waiting for transfers. I feel really weird without Elder Llanos, but he taught me everything I need to know, and I always knew that he would leave eventually.

Really quickly, the debit card entries were because they didn´t give us enough money last month and so we had to use money from home, Elder Llanos doesn´t have money from home, so we used mine. The good news is that they are going to reimburse me all the money I used, and they gave us more money this month. I forgot to tell you but Elder Warr is the new Secretary of finances, it helps to have friends in the offices. I don't need a sweater because I bought one, and Elder Llanos gave me his old one.

For Christmas I will be in Teotihuacan, I can use my calling card, and we don´t have a specific time that we have to call you guys, so it can be whenever works best for you. I can call to verify that you are there and ready for my call for a minute or two if it helps. Elder Guzman is from Monterrey Mexico, Elder Hall is from South Jordan Utah. They are really good, and I have loved learning and working with them this week.

This week the unusual food was carnitas. It is pork, but it is every single part of the pig, the ears, the eyes, everything. It is pretty good if you put lime and salsa on it, and usually you eat it in a tortilla.

I loved the pictures of Darci and Joe, and I´m glad that they are still having fun. Tell Darci not to worry, finals will take care of themselves, and if God wants her to get that job, she will get it it. If not then He has other plans for her. That is one thing I have learned here in the mission, God has plans for us, we just have to be patient and righteous and all will work out.

Melissa, thank you for your letter, I miss you a lot too. I see little Mexican girls in the street and they remind me of you. One thing I pray for everyday is that you will develop a testimony of Jesus Christ. I want you to be a beautiful person, and the rest will take care of itself. I love you so much Melissa, read the Book of Mormon everyday, don´t miss a day. It is the best book ever written, and has much more importance than any of us realize.

No, I have not gotten mugged yet, but they say that going to Mexico City and not getting robbed is like going to Thanksgiving and not eating Turkey...and I will be sure to tell you when it happens.

I don´t care when my Christmas package gets here mom. It´s the thought that counts and it doesn´t really feel like Christmas here anyways. I think I´m going to get the first package that you sent tomorrow, Elder Warr told me that it is in the offices. I love you so much, thank you for everything you do, you are an incredible mother. Dad thanks for your letter,


Elder Nelson

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