Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Never Will

Note from Peggy: This week's letter from Braden was obviously written in a very big hurry. We usually get his mail about 3:30 or 4:00. We did not get this one until after 6 p.m. our time. I wasn't too concerned. If we don't get a letter but get a call, then we will worry. :)

Hey Family,

Sorry I am emailing so late. We went and picked up new 14 Mexican missionaries at 6 in the morning and took them to President´s house. After we dropped them off again in the temple in temporary assignments we went to the airport and picked up 10 new American missionaries. We just barely got to President´s house and he gave us special permission to write after 6 pm, so don´t worry we are being obedient. Sorry to scare you mom, but I have never missed a week and never will.

This week Beti and her son got baptized. This time I really will send you the picture of them in front of the temple. Beti gave her testimony after her baptism. It was soo awesome. She said that from the day we had knocked her door her life had begun to change. She now knows where she is going in life, and more importantly where she is going with her family. She said she knew it was true and the spirit was just soo strong. I love missionary work soo much, it is just such a joy to watch God change the lives of people right in front of our eyes. She was scared that her boyfriend would reject her if she got married (I think he meant baptized) and he really liked going to parties and drinking on Fridays, but she gave it all up for the Gospel and her family. Satan cannot win against the testimony of the Holy Ghost.

I don´t have much time, but I love you guys so much. I am happy, I am working hard, I am being obedient. I will write more last (did he meant next?) week. I am completely safe. There is a Volcano close by called Popo, I guess you could climb that. I will write more about investigators next week. I have been eating really well, we got ice cream for desert one day and mashed potatoes another so we are loving life. We bring people to the CV about once a month or so. Usually we bring all the recent converts and the ones that are going to be baptized the next week. Love you all so much. (I got the PMG and the package. I thank you so much)

Love Elder Nelson

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