Monday, September 26, 2011

Taco Beef?

Dear Family,                                                                                               

About the tired thing...that’s kind of a funny question. I have noticed that every week I get more and more tired. I didn`t really notice being tired until about 13 months hit...but I guess that means I`m doing my job. If I weren`t tired then I guess I would be a bad missionary. It seems like I close my eyes and 2 seconds later it’s 6:30. But I love it and wouldn`t have it any other way. There is a scripture that is probably my favorite of all time. It is in D&C 123:13. Por tanto consumamos y agotemos nuestras vidas en sacar a luz las cosas ocultas...we  will use and wear out our lives in bringing to light the hidden things (something like that). In the end that is all that matters, how and with what attitude you served your God. After it is all said and done your profession, your interests, your hobbies don`t matter at all if you didn`t give your all in the service of God. Therefore I will wear out my life in the service of God and will trust Him to work out the rest. And He will.

I am still improving in is a never ending battle but it is pretty natural now. I am glad Kolby is taking lessons again, it will bless him so much later on. Elder Bringhurst does play piano. He plays pretty well too. I don`t really play because he can and there is a lady in our ward that plays the organ so she plays every Sunday. I haven`t practiced for a long time so I’m a little out of practice but there’ll be plenty of time for that when I get home.

This week we had monthly planning with President and 2 zone by the time Thursday was over we had worked a total of 9 hours in our area. But the Lord has blessed us so much and we ended up finding several really elect people. Fresvinda (I thought that name was funny) and her daughter Karen. Also we are teaching the son of Ami that was baptized last week. God always compensates for our assignment. He just asks us to put our trust in him and work as hard as we can...then He gives us success.

This week we had baptism of a youth named Eduardo. He is 18 and is the boyfriend of one of the daughters of a recent convert. She brought him to church one Sunday and he really liked it. Then he read the Book of Mormon and prayed about it. He said he just felt this emotion in his chest that he had never felt before. It burned...but felt good kind like electricity. Another convert for the Book of Mormon. The Book is so powerful you just have to put it in their hands and get them to read it and understand it and pray about it and they are practically asking to be baptized. I love just how simply complicated that is. All you have to do is read it and pray about it and you will know it is true. Yet the complicated part comes in recognizing the impressions of the Holy Ghost and knowing and accepting that that is an answer from God. 

Also, last week on P Day we had an adventure. I don`t remember if I told you this already. We had heard from several sources that there was a Taco Bell in Mexico City. So naturally we wanted to go eat American Mexican food in Mexico. We got on a bus that was going to a plaza we had never been to and headed off into the city. Unfortunately when we got there the restaurant was called "Taco Beef" not "Taco Bell." Haha. It sounds almost the same in Spanish. That was pretty disappointing. But while there we found asparagus and nectarines in the super market so the trip was not a total loss. Well it seems like I am out of time. Dad thanks for the letter, I love to hear how BYU is doing. Grandma...I still have 10 months left in my mission so I think we could wait a couple months before setting up dates...but thanks for looking out for me. I love you all so much, I hope everything is going as well as it sounds.

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