Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sing the Song of Redeeming Love

Dear Family,                                                                                              

Just so that you know I won the 2 week 6 pack contest. It wasn´t really even that close because Elder Bringhurst unfortunately couldn´t get rid of a little belly fat that covered up his 6 pack. I don´t know how good Elder Jordan is at soccer because we haven´t played yet but he is pretty good at basketball. He is about 6 foot 3....so he makes me look a little small in the baptismal photos. Yes I get the pictures you send and then I save them onto my sd card so that I can see them on my camera. I love getting pictures and my sd card is getting full again so if I can remember to buy an sd card I may be sending another one home one of these days. Today Elder Jordan completed 19 months in the mission...which is so weird because I knew him when he had 10 months back in Pachuca. Time goes by really fast...we have started a General conference countdown and today we have about 83 days left until the big day. Yes I did get the package with the calendar and the cd in it about 2 days ago. I love the calendar. I put it up on my study desk so that everyone who comes on divisions can see my family. 

In Mexico pretty much no one has internet in their house...and there are no libraries. So when people need to use the internet they have to go to an internet cafe, a business with just a bunch of computers. Usually they are pretty junky...for example Elder Jordan is using a computer with a floppy disk drive right now. Their keyboards are usually pretty abused so typing gets difficult. 

Goodbye Elder Bringhurst :(
I sent a picture of Elder Bringhurst all packed up and ready to go. I also sent a picture of Osvaldo and David who were baptized this week. It was quite a trick getting them baptized because we were going to do it Thursday...but when we got to the chapel there was no water. So after calling around to check how fast the missionaries in other buildings could fill up the font and finding out that 3 hours was the fastest we decided to postpone the baptism until Sunday. David is 8 and Osvaldo is 9 and they had been going to church for about 3 or 4 months. We didn´t even know that they needed to be baptized until Osvaldo told one of the sisters that he would like to be baptized. His mom in less active because she has to work on Sundays...but this week we changed schedule to 8 in the morning from 11:30. Since she can go to church in that schedule she activated and was very excited for the baptism of her children. Osvaldo was also really excited for his baptism on Thursday  and was pretty let down when we told him that he needed to wait until Sunday. But we waited until Sunday and held the service during the Primary. The kids prepared a special musical number and we got a priest to do the baptism. At the end Osvaldo said..."I knew that there was a reason why I wasn´t baptized on Thursday, eso fue bien padre." 

David and Osvaldo
Elder Jordan and I have been working really hard. I love being with him because he is so humble. This week I have been really analyzing my mission. I think back on the little scared have no clue about anything 19 year old self that left Richland in July 2010 and on the 17 month mission experienced self that I am now and I do not see very many changes. I always hear about people whose mission saved their life, or changed them forever and I want that type of converting experience. I have been studying Alma 5 all week this week to really focus in on what is repentance and what is a change of heart. It teaches us that the everlasting word touched and taught them to experiment with repentance. It says that the chains of everlasting death were broken and their souls did expand. The only thing limiting us from fulfilling our true potential is sin. When we can understand (though reading and understanding the scriptures) then our souls will expand to fulfill our potential. Sin limits our souls, souls really means your body and spirit put together so what could that also mean? That changing requires physical and spiritual changes. It must be a total and complete consecration to the Lord and his commandments. With the mira puesta unicamente en la gloria de Dios. That is when we can truly be free and truly feel to sing to song of redeeming love. I want to sing that song, I want to feel His love and atonement work always.

I love you all so much. I pray for you and your success. I hope that everyone is happy and righteous.


Elder Nelson

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