Monday, November 15, 2010

Ramses, Brook and the Family Martinez Avila

Dear Family,

Ok, 1st things 1st. Cameron turned 17 last week....I didn´t forget. I just got so wrapped up in the other things I was writing that it slipped my mind. I had been thinking about it all day, so sorry Cameron. I hope you had an awesome birthday. 19 isn´t that far away so get ready.

Second thing that slipped my mind is Ramses. He was baptized the 31st of October, he was my first baptism on the mission, and was confirmed the following week. He scared us really bad though because he showed up late to Sacrament meeting, we thought he wasn´t going to make it. Also, this internet cafe...I´m sending a couple emails so you can see all the pictures...

This is Ramses and his family.

This is Brooke, a girl of 8 years whom I baptised, but doesn´t count for numbers because she was only 8..

And this is the familia Martinez Avila, whom we baptised (all of these were baptised Oct. 31st). They were the family that showed up to church all by themselves. They are going to be such a strong addition to this ward, and in one year they can be sealed for time and all eternity!

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