Monday, January 10, 2011

Zocolo (Town Square)

Hola Familia!!

I hope everyone is feeling better soon, there´s not much I can do for you except to say that at least you can be at home when you are sick. You guys still have Mom to look after you and tell you what medicines to take, so although being sick isn´t very much fun,it could be worse.

Yes my banking situation has been taken care of. I can withdraw money and everything, thank you soo much for fixing that, not that I use money of my own very much, but in case of emergency.

No, we still don´t have a refrigerator....but don´t worry about fruits, that is one thing that is super super cheap here. We bought a bag of mandarines 4 kilos for 10 pesos. People are always giving us fruit, and that is usually the dessert after the meal. I am taking lots of pictures, I am going to send some this week that is coming, and as soon as I find my other SD card I will send a package with the 300 other pictures I have satisfy your curiosity.

I feel really bad..but this is going to be a really short letter again because today we went to the Zocolo, look it up Mom will like reading about it, but we got back late. This week that is coming I promise to dedicate the full hour to writing to you.
Grandma Andy I got your letter and package, thank you soooo much!! I love getting mail, and I loved your card. It means a lot that you made it yourself, and I love the socks also. They are keeping my feet warm at night.

We have 3 baptisms scheduled for this week, Jose, and a family (the parents are the only ones old enough to be baptised). I will send pictures and stories next week.

I also need to repent because I got letters from some people a long time ago that I haven´t responded to. Saydi Ostler, thank you for writing me, your letter helped me through some of my homesickness. I hope you are having a blast in Hawaii. Lindsay Slocum also, thank you for your letter. Sounds like everything is going well in Idaho. I´m glad you are getting to teach, teaching is the best...especially things of eternal significance.

Well I love you all, I hope I get your package Mom at changes.....I´m having this feeling that I´m going to get transferred, but who knows. I love you all soo much, You never know how precious something or some people are until you can´t talk to them except 2 times a year. I pray for you everyday, I hope you all are working hard towards being a family that will be happy together forever. Practice your piano Kolby, Melissa and Cameron. It will bless your lives more than your think. I love you all.

Elder Nelson

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