Monday, February 28, 2011

The Opportunity of Prayer

Dear Family,

It may be cold there...but it´s not cold here anymore. March and April are the hottest months in Teotihuacan and it is starting to heat up. I go to sleep at night without any blankets because it is hot, but then at 2 or 3 in the morning it is freezing , and I wake up in the morning with 3 blankets.

As for the Skype, I still don´t know but we still have 2 months until Mothers day so there is a little bit of time to figure it out. I am way excited for that phone call, but 2 months is a long time still.

No, I don´t need money to buy anything. All my clothing still fits and still works just fine. Even if my shirts aren´t quite as white as they were before and my pants aren´t quite the same color. The people here feed us really well, and we know several members who have restaurants sell food, so we don´t eat in the street very much. Tell Kolby that I have gained weight and am getting fat. Not really fat, but I had 3 hermanas tell me that I looked more "healthy" this week.

For the new mission....I had only heard that they were going to create a new mission from someone who I don´t think was supposed to tell me. We don´t have any information at all. I know that whatever happens happens because God wants it to happen, but I don´t want to be in the other mission. I like President Hicken.

Sorry...I still haven´t sent my SD card. I was going to send fotos today, but the SD card slot on this computer doesn´t work. When I get the other SD card I will send this one, but I want to be able to take pictures. Don´t worry about Elder Ramos giving me a bad time, that is one of his favorite things to do. I will send pictures next week if I can find a computer that works.

As for being district leader and figuring things out. Not really. I am just trying to lead by example and help the other missionaries to be obedient with exactness. Before my mission I didn´t feel comfortable doing things that I didn´t know how to do, but that is just part of my daily life now. Poco a poco, linea por linea, principio por principio. This week was a little bad for the district, we only baptized 1. Elder Ramos and I baptized a man named Francisco. Elder Keele and Elder Rodriguez are struggling a little bit and I don´t really know how to help them. They are obedient, they work hard...but the baptisms just aren´t coming for them. I am going to fast and pray for them...and look for inspiration in the scriptures. This week we have a family of 5 lined up for baptism, the family Islas Mosquero. They are a miracle. I don´t like to contact teenagers,,,13 14 15 etc. Many times their parents get mad, it kind of looks bad when two 20 year olds are talking to a 15 year old girl and lots of times the addresses they give are bad. But one day we were walking and I saw a 13 year old kid walking home frrm school. Something whispered in my ear "contact him" but I didn´t. I just remembered that I already told you this story. Sorry.

Thank you for telling me the story about Cameron and Melissa. I still miss you guys a lot, and it makes me happy to known that everything is going well at home. I haven´t heard from Cameron for a are things going? Are you reading your scriptures everyday? Are you saying your prayers? Are you studying ch 6 of Preach my Gospel? I love you Cameron. I sometimes think about how I was before my mission, about the kind of brother I was. I wasn´t always the kindest most patient or loving brother to you, but I´m sorry. Things will change when I come home. Love your time in high school, it is really awesome. Also, could you check my guitar and ukulele that they are tuned and that everything is still ok?

Melissa, I hope that you are enjoying soccer and middle school. I know that you are smart and don´t have any problems with school. But just in case...don´t worry, be happy. In a few years you will wish that you were back in middle school again. I love you to the stars and back. Espero que esté leyendo sus escrituras cada dia. Practique el piano por favor.

Kolby, good luck trying out for the Bombers. Don´t doubt that God will put you where He wants you. But always shoot for the moon so that you can at least end up among the stars. You want to play varsity, it´s just better there. Trust me. Also, if you want to improve your Spanish read the scriptures in Spanish. You can use my Spanish triple... read Spanish until you don´t understand and then look at the English. Use a dictionary for the words you don´t know, and write them down so you can study them. It will be really hard at first, but it´s worth it. I love you. You are a good kid, so never doubt in yourself.

This week Elder Guzman my Zone Leader goes home. It is kind of sad because he was like my second dad after Elder Llanos. It is really weird when missionaries go´s like they have cambios, but you´re never going to see them again. It always makes me think about when I go home. I still have 17 months in the mission, but I want that day to be the best day of my life. To know that yo cumplí con el Señor, en todas las cosas. I want to be exhausted, because in the span of the eternities, these two years are my only chance to serve. But that also means that cambios are coming and on Sunday we will recieve cambios. I don´t know if I will stay or go, but Presidente usually only leaves trainers with their sons for 1 or 2 cycles, so it is possible that I might be leaving Teotihuacan.

This week I learned a lot about prayer. I studied Joseph Smith a lot and Enos. Do we realize who we are talking to when we are praying? We are talking to the all powerful God who created us and everything we will ever know, we talk with someone more important that the President of the US everyday. What is our attitude like when we are praying, are we half asleep? What would you do if someone was talking to you and just fell asleep in the middle of your conversation? I know that God is our Father. I know that we are given an incredible opportunity to talk with Him everyday. I know that if we ask for specific things, God will give us specific answers. I know that He loves me, of all the people in the world, and in all the others, He knows me and gives me the chance to talk with Him everyday. How incredible is that blessing?

Well Mom, don´t worry about writing long letters, I love long letters. I love hearing about the things that are going on and about the miracles that you see everyday. I had a miracle this week with Fransisco, but I don´t have enough time...until next week I suppose. Mom I love you so much. You don´t know how much I love your letters.

Dad I love you too. We will have lots of things to talk about when I get home. Thank you for showing me the way to be happy in this life.

Darci...I didn´t forget about you. I love you and Joe. I know that the Lord has special things planned for you two in this life. Thank you for being who you are and being such a good example to me.

Love you all....until next week

Elder Nelson

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