Monday, March 7, 2011

Goodbye Teotihuacan :(

Hola Familia!

This week we have bad news, I have cambios. I have to leave Teotihuacan. I had to say good-bye to the family Martinez-Avila, and it was really hard. I know that I will see them again, hopefully in the temple. You never know how much you love people until you have to tell them goodbye.

I have never gotten a blister in a normal day of work, the only time I have gotten a blister is when we were playing soccer on Monday´s. But I do have a weird callus in the middle of the sole of my foot and it kind of hurts when I walk sometimes, but not too bad. I have been lucky in that regard. As for eating in the apartment, I have breakfast and sometimes dinner in the apartment. Breakfast consists of Azucaradas (Mexican generic brand of Frosted Flakes) and water using my filtration water bottle that they gave us in the MTC. I also buy bolillos, (rolls), and jam and cajete. Cajete is something like nutella-peanut butter is way expensive here. Sometimes in the beginning of the month when we have money we buy ham and cheese to put on our bolillos. Dinner we usually eat about 9 when we get back and is the same as breakfast. We have a one burner electric stove to cook on but there usually isn´t time.

As you can see it is getting hotter here, and yes I am getting sun burned, or tanned...usually both. I use sun block everyday but sometimes I forget, so that´s when I get sunburned. The sunscreen I use almost everyday, but the mosquito spray I have only used once. Maybe I will use it more in the summer, or in the time of rains.
I am a little bit sick right now, last night I almost didn´t sleep because my stomach hurt and today I have a fever. It´s not very high 99.7, but a fever nonetheless. I´m typing slow because I don´t feel very good so this might be a little short. I´m sending this right now so I can change computer...or actually I just figured out how to use the USB port on this thing. I sent pictures, of all the recent baptisms, the English class that we have been teaching, tacos al pastor, and the sky yesterday night. I tried to send a video I took of this guy that is always on the buses that we have to take to deliver pouch Sundays. He is an older gentleman, about 60, with a huge mustache and he always brings his guitar. He sings mariachi type music the whole trip and then people pay him their change at the end. But you´ll have to wait until you get my SD card to listen.

As for the miracle with Fransisco. It was more a miracle with his mom. We received their address as a reference from the Visitors Center here in Mexico. They live about 40 minutes from the church, so we were a little apprehensive about going to follow up. Lots of times people don´t have the money to travel the church and so we don´t like to baptize so far out. But we went because we felt like we should go. They accepted everything really well, we taught the plan of salvation because Maria Elena had lost her husband about 4 years ago. They accepted to pray about the plan of salvation. When we went back in a couple days to check how their prayers went Maria Elena told us that she received an answer. She told us she had dreamed a dream before we had come the first time. In her dream she saw Elder Ramos and I ascending into heaven in the midst of clouds, but she still didn´t know who we were until we came the first time. After she saw us ascending into heaven, she dreamed that she was in the chapel, but she had never been to the chapel. She was alone in the chapel and didn´t know how she had entered, but she heard a deep rich voice say (in spanish) "Be still, and hear the word of the Lord." Then we came knocking on her door, and she realized who we were because of her dream. How cool right!!? The only reason she didn´t get baptised with Fransisco is because she is having some old woman health problems and the doctor told her that she could for a couple weeks. Actually she´s going to be baptised this Sunday, but I won´t be there.

Well, I love you all, remind me to talk about Carmen and the family Islas Mosquero this next week.
Cameron, I love ya. Keep doing what you´re doing. Don´t crash again.
Kolby congrats on making sort of varsity, now you just have to earn your spot....or break the legs of the players so you can play more. Remind me to tell you about being shy this week that is coming.
Dad, thanks for the sports update. It seems like everytime we start to earn attention on a national level one of our stupid players has to break the rules and get suspended. I love you so much, thank you for setting a good example for me to go on the mission. Every now and then it would be nice to hear some of you stories.
Mom, Time is flying by and before you know it I will be landing in Pasco. But I was thinking about that the other day. I think it would be better if I told you I was going home a day later than I really am so I can do what Dad did and arrive at your front door in a taxi to do a door approach. But I´m still thinking about it.
Darci and Joe...I love ya. Keep being righteous.

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