Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'll Tell You Next Week...

Note from Peggy:
I decided to post Braden's latest letter just as he writes, no corrections, translations, etc. We think that by the time he comes home, he will be writing in 90% Spanish and still won't be able to type "because" correctly! He obviously is very engrossed in the work :)

Dear Family,

Well this week went by super fast, I don{t even know why becasue there was nothing special about it, no meetings, no problems. Elder Hunt goes home on Friday and so we are really busy today, sorry if this letter is a little shorter. The cambios are a week from Tuesday, so I am going to stay with some other missionaries for a couple days until I get my new companion. Elder Hunt is thinking about going to BSU, but he doesn{t know becasue he still has to take the SAT and ACT. Melissa ¡¡HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You are going to be so grown up when I get home that I probably won´t even recognize you. I hope ou are enjoying YW, and I hope that you are developing into the type of yound woman that God would be pleased with. Kolby, feel free to grow as much as you want as long as you don´t get taller than me. To answer the question. we walk all the time, we are trying to concentrate on the three colonies that are the closest to the chapel so the only time we take a combi or bus is when we have to go the Aragon, to the other chapels of the other missionaries for interviews or district classes and when we go to wash our clothes on Mondays. MY ward mission leader is really good. He has a goal to find a family for us every month and has been mission leader for years and years. We call him Jefecito. I actually had to speak in church my first Sunday in Pachuca and didn´t know it until I got to Church. So I had to make someting up really fast about the obra misional, but that is easy becasue that is the only thing I do these days. We go to the house a member to wash our clothes on Mondays, they are really rich and have a washer and a dryer (the first dryer I have ever seen in Mexico) Other than that it depends. Today we had a zone activity where we rented out a soccer field. IIt was way cool, it was a field for fut 7 or futsal I think it is called. Like indoor soccer but it´s outside. As for my birthday...let me think about it this week and I will tell you in the week that is coming. I haven´t seen any packages...but in cabios we should recieve ouch so I will tell you if I get anything. My garments are size ....I don´t remember I will check and tell you next week. I love you all soo much. Sometimes when we are with family eating or teaching it reminds me of you guys and it makes me excited for 15 months, but at the same time sad because time is going so fast and I love the mission so much. Darci, I love you, thank you so much for your letter and I will respond next week when I have more time. I loved your quotes...and I don´t know what I am going to do when I have to speak english all the time when I get back. I can´t spell things very well anymore becuase I confuse english for spanish. The truth is that it si a lot easier to talk in spanish. Joe, there is an elder GArret in my zone, he is from West Point and went to Syracuse High...he sadi that he knows Paul, what a weird coincidence. We baptised a joven que se llama Rigo this week. We had a cool experience with him when we were teaching about baptism...remind me to tell it next week. I love you all so much, I pray for you all everyday. Please have family prayer and scripture study everyday...it is soooo important for the family to function the way it should. We have to go do a ton of things for Elder Hunt, but I will write more last week. Thanks mom for the extra long letter, I loved it. I lvoe to hear about the things that are going on. I love you all.....until next week.


Elder Nelson

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