Monday, April 4, 2011

Power of Revelation

Hello Family,

Conference was awesome!! I loved all of it. We watched it in the stake center, and they set up a special room just for those who spoke English, namely Elder Hunt and myself. We watched all the sessions in English. I loved the gardener talk, but also Elder Bednar. Also, I loved President Monson´s talk in Sacerdocio, I feel like he chastises a little more in that session. The overall theme of the conference was marriage and family I think. It made me think about how great of a family I have, but also what kind of family I want to have someday. What am I gong to find in my wife’s purse? What kind of things will I want to find in my daughter’s purse...I still have a long time before that, but it still made me think. It was nice to recharge my batteries after 6 months. It made me so excited to go and share what we have with everyone else. Meridian is about 5 minutes from Elder Hunt´s house so he was pretty excited too. I feel such an appreciation that we have apostles and prophets leading us today. I felt the spirit and found out a lot of ways that I need to improve.

Yes, I can go to Walmart to buy clothes. I don´t really need anything right now, but I think when I hit my year mark I am going to buy new shirts because they are starting to get a little bit less white. My pants and socks are still holding strong, and you can´t buy garments in Walmart. Elder Hunt is an awesome missionary. He goes home in 2 weeks, but we are putting goals to help him not die. We are really too busy to get homesick or die. He has ADD and so t is really fun to be with him. He has a ton of energy and reminds me a lot of Jackson. He is helping me to not be so serious all the time, which I have a tendency to be. Sometimes we speak English, but most of the time no. I am teaching him English again because he has forgotten a lot of things, but the truth is that it is easier to talk in Spanish than in English because my brain works in Spanish now. We eat with members everyday, they feed us well here in Pachuca. Pachuca has more money than DF, a lot more money. We don´t really eat out much except when the members take us to restaurants, Elder Hunt can´t eat in the night because he can´t sleep afterwards so we don´t really eat out very much.

The SD card...well the truth is that I forgot. Also we don´t live very close to a post office. This Lunes that is coming I will transfer the photos onto my usb card and we will try to find the post office, but it is also the last lunes of Elder Hunt so we might be pretty busy. But I promise that before then end of April I will send it home. I also am still waiting for the package that has the SD card in it because I didn´t find the other SD card.
As for printing the emails...I still print them off and read them and respond later. We have less time here, but I make time to do that.

This last week we were super busy. Tuesday we went to the District classes, Wednesday we had divisions with Elder Mendez and Elder Francom, Thursday we went to the Temple for the consejo of zone leaders, Friday we had the consejo with our district leaders and Saturday and Sunday we had General Conference. Thursday in our consejo de líderes de zona Elder Hunt and I had to give a capacitation on receiving revelation through the Book of Mormon. It made me really nervous because we had to give to capacitation to Presidente, los Asistentes, and all the other zone leaders of the mission. We talked about Alma 32 and how there are three steps to revelation, creer, probar and aplicar. Personal revelation is something that we cannot do without, we will never reach the Celestial Kingdom without it. It impresses me how powerful the Book of Mormon is and how indispensable it is for our religion. Without the Book of Mormon and revelations we have nothing. I know that the Book of Mormon is true, and that it can answer every single question of doubt we have about anything in life. It is the most powerful book in existence and it has changed my life. I read my patriarchal blessing yesterday de echo, it has really helped out here in Mexico and with all the things that I have been able to do.

This week we baptized a lady named Mari. She had been assisting church for 3 years without missing a Sunday, but never wanted to get baptised. Last Sunday she went to the Bishop and said, I´m ready now. It was such an awesome service because there were a ton of memebrs there and Mari truly understood the significance of baptism. I never get tired of watching people’s faces when they come up out of the water and they feel that special feeling of purity. It makes me so excited that I can barely contain myself.

Cameron...congratulations for finally having your Eagle Court. As for the ACT, go to the bathroom before. The first time don´t study, the second time do study. Math is geometry and stuff like that, algebra, the basics. Science is more like reading, but about science stuff. You can’t really study for science, for math you can review geometry if you want. The truth is that it is really easy. If you are stressed about it you might not do as well, so relax. Don’t worry about it and say a prayer beforehand. Read the scriptures and pray before it and you will do just as well as God wants you to. I love you, thanks for your letter I loved it. We will have plenty of opportunity to hang out when I get back and we go to BYU, BYU is the best place on earth besides Misión Mexico Este.

I love you all, if you have any questions about what we are doing or teaching or whatever I want to know, because everything seems normal to me, I don’t know what you want to know. I will try to have a funny experience for you in the coming week.


Elder Nelson

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