Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Dear Family,                                                                                                            

Sorry I didn`t respond about my new roommate. I am really happy about it so thanks. Speaking of Elder Bringhurst he goes home this week. His last day is Saturday. That is so strange for me because he only has 3 months more than I do in the mission. I always said that I would start being worried about going home when Elder Bringhurst goes home...but he`s going home and I still feel like I have a lot more to do, so that`s good. I went to Xicotepec to do divisions with him on Tuesday and he said "I don’t really even feel like I`m going home." That`s just kind of how the mission is, it becomes your life and you can`t imagine yourself doing anything else and you don`t really remember what it was like before the mission. Your house just becomes a fantasy, it doesn`t even feel like it exists because I am a missionary and that`s what I`ve always done and that`s what I`ll always be. But I guess that`s not how it works. But I`m sure his mom is excited so that`s good for her. That also means that changes are in a week so we`ll see if I stay with Elder Cataldo for another change or not.

Also sorry for not responding to the news about Cameron`s scholarship. Sometimes you just get writing and then by the time you remember then your time runs out. But anyways, felicidades Cameron. That is a huge blessing....your older brother is just a little bit stupider and couldn`t get any scholarships. I don`t know if you realize how big of a deal that is but you deserve a blizzard.

We haven`t had any ash...actually I hadn`t even heard that Popo was exploding. That would be an exciting thing to have happen on your mission....well I`ll look for ash to fall. Maybe I`ll take a couple of bottles to sell or something.

I have no idea what is wrong with myldsmail....maybe it has something to do with the pictures or something...As for helping people out I really don`t know. Everybody has clothes and stuff because they are really cheap. What people really need is jobs and to know how to read. There are a lot of people that don`t know how to read and that don`t have a job....usually because they sit around drinking all the time...but I don`t know that there is anything you could send in a package to fix that.

This week we had several miracles. The members of our ward gave us a lot of references this week. Some of them good...some of them not so good. Hilda and Ulises (mother and son) are a family that we found by way of reference this week. About 6 months ago Hilda`s older son killed himself and a week later Hilda`s father passed away. She struggled for a long time and really wondered if God existed. We taught her in the home of the member and the first lesson we taught the plan of salvation and how through the Atonement of Jesus Christ all of our pains can be resolved and our families can be together forever. She is so excited and is really seeing a change in her life. She and her son went to church on Sunday and really liked it. We also had a miracle this week on Saturday. We were knocking doors when a 50 year old lady answered the door...she didn`t look like she wanted to let us in but we bore our testimonies and so she thought for a second and called her daughter over. Her daughter is 16 years old....so it was kind of weird (like she wanted her daughter to get to know us and take her to the US with us) but she let us in and we didn`t really see any other option with being rude than go in. We started to teach and talk about how going to church can help us in our daily lives with trials and tribulations and things like that. Well they said they would go so we said we would pass by for them the next day. They actually went to church and stayed the 3 hours plus an extra hour for the baptismal service of the other elders in our ward. They seemed to really like it and the best part is the 16 year old has a boyfriend already so she went to church to learn more about God and not for us.

Well...it`s that time again. I love ya`ll and hope you’re doing well. Tell Grandma Nelson hello and I love her and Grandma and Grandpa Andy hello and I love them too.


Elder Nelson

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