Thursday, August 26, 2010


Dear Family-
This week for personal study I have been studying spiritual gifts. Usually for personal study (45 minutes before breakfast when we have to be in the class room) I pick something interesting and research it. So for spiritual gifts (Moroni 10:8-18, D&C 46:11-33, 1 Corinthians 12) I learned some cool thinks. Faith is not something we can gain for ourselves. It is a gift from God to those who qualify for it. Also every single person is given a gift of the spirit, be it faith, healing power, power to be healed, gift of languages or interpretation of languages or some other miraculous gift. We all have one. But do you know what they are for? D&C 46:12, 26. They are for others, so that God may show forth His power through us. And we can all gain more than 1 gift if we ask. But we must ask with the intention to use the gift for the purpose it was intended, to edify others. That is sometimes hard for me because I want the gift of languages because i think it would be cool. Because I want to speak Spanish. Or so that I'm not embarrassed when I get down to Mexico. But I will never receive the gift unless it is so that I can preach the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the children of Lehi in their native tongue. It is like this so that God will only give extra gifts to those who are truly humble and submissive. In this way God can "call upon the weak things of the world, those who are unlearned and despised, to thrash the nations by the power of (His) Spirit; and their arm shall be my arm, and I will be their shield and their buckler; I will gird up their loins and they shall fight manfully for me; and their enemies shall be under their feet..."(D&C 35:13-14)
How awesome is that promise? If we can simply submit to the will of the Father, Christ will preserve us by the fire of his indignation.
I love scriptures like that. Well, I love you all and hope you are all doing well. There is a reason for everything, we just have to find it. Also, could you send me some inspirational quotes? I love quotes. There is one that says something like "It is not that we are weak that scares us, our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond belief..." Something like that. It is a long one. I think it is by Ghandi. Also ask Cameron to send me some good running quotes, those are always good. Thanks.

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