Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Secret Garden

Dear Family- 8/17/10
Thank you for the package! I will use all of everything you sent me.
So this week was crazy. We taught the 2nd lesson in English in the TRC and it went really well. I love teaching, every time I get a little nervous before, but then the Spirit takes over and it's awesome. We also taught the 2nd lesson in Spanish to a native-speaking district. It was super scary. They talk so fast and although I may understand most of what they say, there are so many little intricacies and dual meanings that it is hard. But we got through it. I felt like a complete gringo, but, hey, I guess that's what I am. It was definitely a humbling experience.
Also, as an aside, I had an accident this week. (Peggy: NOT what I wanted to read)I was sitting on a bench outside reading my Libro de Mormon, when a bug flew straight into my eye. It was like 9/11. I didn't even see it coming...then wham! I had to wear glasses for a couple days, but I'm o.k. now. I had actually thought that I needed to clean my contacts but I decided to push it 1 more day. I guess God wanted me to clean my contacts on schedule.
By the way, I hope Cameron and Kolby could decipher the letter I sent last week in Spanish. If not, send it back and I will translate. Also, I would like it if everyone could tell me what they studied in the scriptures each week so I can compile a list of topics to study.
I see Chris Christensen, Eric Turner and Casey all the time.
Also, we found the best place to study this week. usually all the benches and tables are full, so it takes a while to find somewhere outside. But we found this place called the Secret Garden, la Secreta Jardin. It is way in the back of the MTC, surrounded by trees and shrubbery. It's also close to the real world, so sometimes we get to see sinners (outsiders).
Last week we went there as a district w/Hermano Haight to so soapbox preaching Dan Jones-style. You get up on the curb and start preaching while the rest of the district yells at you. Usually we yell "We don't need your Bible!" "I won't worship Joseph Smith!"...things like that. Anyways, last week when were doing it some little kids came up to the fence.(We were preaching really close to the MTC fence, so the outside world could hear.) anyways, these little kids came up to and Elder Denna started talking to the little boy about his play horse the kid was holding. He taught them the importance of the Sabbath day and committed them to go to church. It was way funny, because they were telling him how much they love Primary as he talked to them through a chain-link fence. Little things like that are the best. Well I love you all and I pray for you everyday. If you could pray for me I would love it, but I would rather that you all study the scriptures everyday for me. Also I found a scripture for you in case family prayer ever gets hard to do on a regular basis. 3 Nephi 18:21. Christ is actually saying this. Anyways, I love you.

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