Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Studying My Brains Out...

Hello Family!

I loved the Krispy Kremes they were super good, thank you to Sis. Hare. I need earplugs because when I get back from class at 9:30 we have an hour to write in our journals and do whatever personal things we need to do. I actually write in my journal and do personal study from Jesus the Christ and other books, but a lot of other Elders don't, and they are loud sometimes. The earplugs help me concentrate. I'm sure whichever school Joe and Darci decide to go to it will be the one God wants for them. Speaking of the Hills, I see Paul sometimes. At the Sunday night devotional last Sunday he played the piano with a cellist and a vocalist, they played I Know My Redeemer Lives and it was probably the best special musical number I've heard in the MTC. The speaker asked them to do an encore for the closing hymn. I was sitting on the front row so I got to see everything really well.

Well this week was crazy. Sunday especially because my district had to put on a Sacrament Meeting for the cafeteria workers who had to work on Sunday. They told us maybe an hour before the meeting was supposed to start. We had to come up with two talks, music, and the sacrament. I haven't played piano for 2 months, but I played the prelude music although it wasn't very good. That is motivation for Kolby, and also Cameron to learn the piano. You never know what the Lord might require, so you might as well be prepared to do anything. Playing piano is super useful, because even here at the MTC there are not very many people that can play. So I played prelude, and gave a talk. I converted my talk from Spanish to English and it was weird teaching in English. My talk was on spiritual gifts. After that we had to hurry to make it to Priesthood on time, where I was asked to lead music. Playing music in front of people is so scary.

I had 2 more goals and a couple more assists this week. But last Monday was super frustrating. I had 3 shots go off the post, 1 off the cross bar, and 2 a couple inches wide. I should have had 6 or 7 goals...but oh well, I guess that is how the Lord is teaching me humility. Soccer is fun, but the gym is opening soon so I will probably be playing basketball soon.

We don't know why we are being transferred zones, but it is probably to save classrooms. The MTC is the fullest it has ever been and it keeps getting more full. Bad English I know, but I'm learning Spanish so I don't care. It hasn't happened yet so I don't know how it will go. We combine tomorrow with another district so we will have 14 in the new district.

By the way, Mom, one thing that helped me come to love the Isaiah chapters is the fact that we are the house of Israel. When Isaiah is talking to the Israelites, he is talking to us. All of the promises and rebukes apply to us. It's not just Jews and Gentiles, it's believers and non-believers. Isaiah was one of Christ's favorite prophets (look it up in 3 Nephi). Melissa, I don't know if you already have but read from 3 Nephi 11 through 27. That whole things talks about when Christ comes to the Americas, it is one of my favorite passages. Cameron, D&C is awesome, there is so much in there that is so deep and so profound. Answers to all of the weird questions about the gospel are usually found in there. Also reading the Book of Mormon is probably one of the most important things anyone can do to gain or strengthen a testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I am also trying to finish the whole Book of Mormon before I leave the MTC, although I'm a little behind because I have also been reading in Spanish. Kolby, good things about agency can be found in Alma 34:34 I think, also Alma 5. Dad, the beginning of the Book of Mormon is the best. Reading through the first couple chapter in the Book of Mormon we can find so many things that validate the restoration. Lehi receives a vision, then a book. Because of the Book he makes a decision to leave Jerusalem. The journey of Nephi and Lehi can be a archetypal journey of our own lives and of the life of the Church. Well I want to say more but I'm running out of time. I love you all and I am doing awesome. I am studying my brains out...it literally feels like that sometimes, but the Lord doesn't require much, He requires all.



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