Monday, May 16, 2011

Reloj (watch)

Dear Family,

I can´t believe it´s Monday again. It´s is really weird how time works...when we want it to go slow it goes fast and when we want it to go fast it goes slow. As for earthquakes we had an earthquake of 5.5 in DF the other day...we didn’t feel anything because we are so far away. But that is incredible that there have been that many earthquakes with people we know so close by. They have been telling us that even if nothing happens we should be prepared with water and money in the house, so we are being obedient. We have 4 garrafones de agua with 20 liters in each one. So even though I don’t think anything will happen, we are ready.

As for landmarks and churches, one of our wards, Loreto is in the oldest part old Pachuca. The houses are more than 100 years old and it looks a lot like Italy. The Reloj is also in our area which is a huge clock in the center plaza of Pachuca. There are a bunch of old churches and things like that but I don´t know their names. I would say that about 50 percent has graffiti, Pachuca is one of the cleaner cities in the mission. I will take pictures someday when we go there for P day. Sometimes there is grass, but usually not. Only the rich people have grass. But what they really need here is Jackson and Casey because they never cut their grass and it is always long and unkempt and gross.

Speaking of serving a mission in the states, I have a lot of respect for missionaries serving in "harder missions". There are a lot of missionaries here that have served in the states waiting for their visas and they have told me a little bit about what it is like. I can´t imagine it very well, I freak out when we haven´t baptized for 2 weeks.

This week we baptized a 16 year old named Jesus, he is really awesome. We found him one day hanging out with the youth from the chapel, I thought he was a member but one of the mom´s said, "Hey, Jesus, you should listen to the platicas." He said ok, and we just went with it. All his friends are members and he just felt something he liked. He read everything we asked and prayed. Just like that he got his answer that this is true, and wanted to be baptized. His family still aren´t members but we are working with his mom. When he got it, he knew it and he knew that God knew it and he could not deny it. He wants to go on a mission, and I am so excited about it. In his baptism his friends bore their testimonies and started to cry, and it was just so awesome to see the kind of brotherhood that the gospel is. I was going to send pictures but I forgot my camera...

10 minutes after I write you guys I can´t even remember what I said, I just kind of write what pops in my head or what I am thinking about at the time. I am just an ordinary 19 year old, trying my best to de what the Lord expects of me. We are ordinary people doing an extraordinary work and seeing extraordinary things. I am like a passenger on this journey that is the mission, doing my best to deal with everything that the Lord puts in my path and trying to become who He would have me become, even though sometimes it hurts. But I am supposed to be a currant bush, not a shade tree, nor a fruit tree. Someday I will look up and say to that Great Gardener, thank you for loving me enough to mold me in what Thou would have me be. Thank you for not letting me become what I thought I wanted.

I just realized that in 2 weeks I am going to be 20...that is so weird. I am going to be old. I know that that is technically still young, but I don´t feel 20. I feel the same as I did at 16. I feel like I haven´t changed since then.

Several Administrative things....I sent out a lot of letters this week. I sent one to Grandma Andy, so she should get it in about a month or two. I got the letter from Jason and am writing a letter back. Also...Cameron I set a letter to some of my friends from BYU, Briggs and Marie but I don´t know their addresses. I put 467 Royal Ann Ct,(note from Peggy: Either he mis-typed or he has forgotten our address! That is not our correct address, so I hope they get here.) so when they get there could you please find their addresses from facebook or something and send them to them please? Also could you tell me if you read that so that I know that you are going to do it? Thanks.

The Church is true, we are preparing the way for the glorious second coming, and we are changing lives (or at least trying to). Do you family scripture study and family prayer every day. Kolby, Melissa, practice the piano. Just do it. I love you all so much and pray for you everyday.


Elder Nelson

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