Monday, July 11, 2011

Living In Mexico City=Normal Life

Dear Family,

Well I am going to apologize before time because this letter might be a little bit shorter because today the new missionaries got here and we didn`t get to start P day until about 4. Not that I am complaining because I would much rather pick up new missionaries than have a normal P day. I will start with the questions first.

First of all to answer Grandma`s question, when we go to other zones to do division it really depends on where we are going as to what mode of transportation we will use. If we go to Pachuca or Tulancingo we will use the subway (metro) to get to the bus station and take a big tourist bus to get where we are going. All the others we use the subway and then a micro or combi or all depends. Almost always we use public transportation...there is a lot more public transport here in Mexico City and it is actually easier to use it than to have a car. When we go to President’s house, the secretaries give us a ride in the mission van or we drive the Corolla. But we use micro (like mini buses) and subway (it is kind of like a roller coaster just that there are so many people that it is more like a mosh pit than traveling) the most often. I love going down 4 flights of stairs and waiting on the station just like in the movies...we usually get to see some pretty funny looking people. Also there are always people selling things in the metro...they get on with a back pack full of speakers and play music trying to sell pirated discs. They also sell a lot of cacahuates (peanuts). Sometimes bums with guitars or drums get on and play and sing to beg for money, it is quite entertaining.

I have not been back to Teotihuacan still, but I still write letters back and forth with the Family Martinez Avila and they are really excited and preparing to enter the temple the 7 of November!!! They are just such special people and I love them so much.

As for who we are teaching, this week we have Juan and Marìa Aracely scheduled for baptism. They were a reference from the Centro para Visitantes. They are an older couple (about 55....jaja I know that`s not that much older than you guys but it is older for me) and they are really cool. Juan isn`t always all there and always gets distracted in the lessons and starts talking about random things that don`t have anything to do with what we are teaching. But he has read up until Jacob in the Book of Mormon and knows it is true. Aracely is super elegida, (select, choice) she just is never there because she works a lot. But she knows the church is true and wants to get baptized. We usually tell people that we are going to pick them up for the church the 1st time so they don`t feel alone...but they showed up without our help and love it.

Julio was another reference. He is about 21 and went to church with his sister, felt the spirit and wants to be baptized. The 1st time we went to his house he said that when he reads the Book of Mormon he just feels an awesome burning sensation in his chest and knows that it is true. How cool right?!

There are others but I will have to describe them next week. We find people to teach by contacting in the street. We dedicate about 2 or 3 hours everyday to just contacting and we are always contacting in between appointments. We don`t really knock doors because it is much more efficient to talk to people in the street. But most of all we just talk to everybody that moves. I don`t really know what tracting I don`t know if we do that. As for whether it is safe or not, I have never had anything really dangerous happen. I`ve never seen a knife or pistol pulled on me. I have heard lots of stories...but the Lord always protects the obedient according to His will. I don`t really even think about danger anymore. I just live here in Mexico City and it is normal. I love the work, I love the daily miracles. I love my companion and we are working hard with the goal to work harder and harder everyday. There are always ups and downs in the mission, but I am happy. Changes are tomorrow and this will be the first time that I will have a companion for more than 1 month and a half and I am so excited about that. My room and bathroom are clean and I am reading my scripture and saying my prayers everyday, so don`t worry about me I am doing well. Love you all so much,


Elder Nelson

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