Monday, July 4, 2011

Pure Motives

Querida Familia,

Wow, this week has just been really busy. This week we officially became the new Misíon Mexico Este, gaining Ecatepec and losing 3 zones. We had the last consejo of zone leaders on Wednesday and it was weird saying goodbye. I am getting really good at saying good-bye, that is one thing the mission teaches you how to do really well. When I said good-bye to my trainer Elder Llanos I cried, but now it is strange because I know I will never see them, my friends and former companions, ever again. But it doesn’t feel like it. I guess we just get so used to saying good-bye that it just gets normal.

I went with President and his wife Friday to the interviews with Ecatepec so that I could get to know them and help out. Elder Gonzalez and Elder Bringhurst stayed behind to work in the area so I had to be without a companion for a day. It was very strange. They seem like good elders, but they have been bounced around a lot. A lot of them started in the west mission, then in the division went the northwest, and now they are in the east. I guess the Lord just wanted them to get to know many parts of the city.

We are just preparing this week to send Elder Gonzalez home to Monterrey. Helping him to finish strong. Today for his last P-Day we went a special taco stand where they sell huge tacos with steak and cheese and guacamole. It was so good. Also, I withdrew money from my card, so don’t worry no one stole it.

It rained a lot this much that I had to break out the umbrella. I really like to get wet, but after several hours in the rain one gets very cold.

We had a kind of disappointing week this week. We had a youth all ready for baptism this week. He passed his interview and everything.......then Saturday night he got drunk. He still came to church Sunday which is a good sign of repentance, but he obviously wasn’t quite ready yet and just hadn’t told anyone. The good thing is that he told us Sunday in church and didn’t get baptized after getting drunk the night before.

Hey Mom, I know you just sent a package so I’m sorry, but I forgot to ask if you could find another mini Preach My Gospel. I loved the one I had...but there was an Elder that needed it more than I did. If you could find another one I would love it, if not then don’t worry about it. There was one other thing that I can’t remember...

I got Jackson`s letter and it made me soo happy to hear how well he is doing. I know he is just the best missionary and I wish I could be more like him.

I just have been thinking so much this week about Christ. I have been doing a lot of self relexion (reflection?) like in Alma 5, and I have been surprised with the results. What was the purpose of Christ? He came to do the will of the Father, and even in his deepest suffering in Gethsemane he said, -if it be possible, if there is another way please let me do it, nevertheless thy will be done. Am I like that? And why did Christ do what he did? He did not do it because he knew he was going to be the greatest example of all time, he did not do it because he knew he had to do it. He did it for love. There is a scripture in Peter that says that faith works through love. I have just been thinking so much about why I am here, and what my true motives are. I know that Christ is my King, my Savior. I know that He suffered so greatly for me, for my trials, my problems. I know that he did it all simply because he loves me. For no other reason. Could I ask a favor of all of you this week? Could you write me about your motives? Tell me what you are doing for God and most important of all, why? I am on the tip of discovering the great secret to the life...pure motives, but I have a long way to go. When we truly love the Lord, the fire in our belly is automatic, the fe sumamente grande is a byproduct. I love you all so much..sorry this letter is a little short.


Elder Nelson

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