Monday, March 19, 2012

Goodbye Campestre Aragon, Hello...

This is what I do...

As for the question that everyone is asking "where is Braden going?" Well I actually knew about 2 weeks ago because we help President with the changes. I am going to Tulancingo as a zone leader. Elder Bringhurst goes home in 6 weeks and is one of the district leaders so I will be able to work with him a little bit before he goes home…

Campestre Aragon Ward
My companion is Elder Cataldo from Chile. He has about 8 or 9 months in the mission and I don´t actually know him that well but all the reports have been good. Elder Chambers is going to replace as assistant. He is from Benson, Utah...a little hick town off of Logan. His accent is great and he will be an awesome assistant. I have learned that it is never good to get comfortable because that is right when God sends trials and changes to make us learn more and stretch further. This week has been really hard as I have prepared to leave Campestre. It is like leaving home all over again. It was so hard to leave my converts...but I know that I´ll see them again when they go through the temple and in the Celestial kingdom. I love these people and this area so much. At the beginning of my time here I went about trying to put a little bit of heart in all of the people I met and all the things I did...but now as I frantically try to piece it back together again I guess I´ll just have to leave half of myself here in Campestre.

The "Miracle"
I sent some pictures of our area...of the buildings called "The Miracle"...of "puerco" the dog of a family in the ward because I knew that mom would like it...of the baptism of Marcos and of the family that was baptized this week. Their name is the Family Florez Sanchez. We had been working with them for about 3 months....which is a lot longer than we usually stay with people but we just felt like they would get baptized and so we stuck with it. Only the mom and 2 of the daughters got baptized....we still have the Dad and a sister to go but they are almost there. They are a really special family and I am sure that once the dad and sister get baptized they will go to the temple in a year. We received them as a was a phone call from San Luis Potosí. A temple worker had found them outside the temple looking and invited them into the VC to have a tour. they felt the spirit a lot. They wouldn´t accept a baptismal date for about 2 weeks...but finally Celilia (the middle daughter that was baptized) said that she had picked her own baptismal date for the 16th. After some good strong and hard lessons her Mom and sister were on board also and the ward has really reached out and fellowshipped them.

Familia Florez Sanchez
Marcos´s wife finally went to church this week!!! And she liked it a lot!!!! She will probably be baptized the 1st of April.
Marcos and his family
We had another miracle this week. This week we had Zone conferences or other capacitations every single day and I think the earliest we started working was about 4 pm. That makes for a rough finding week...but on Tuesday we were contacting and we contacted a younger man Oscar and his wife...they said we could pass by the next morning...our mistake was that the next morning we had a zone conference and we wouldn´t be able to make it to the appointment. We also forget to tell him we weren’t going to be able to and stood him up. But we remembered on Saturday and we called him. He said that we could pass by for him in the morning to go to church. We picked him up and his family went. We went by in the afternoon and taught him and his wife the restoration because they really wanted to know more about the church. At the end we invited him to pray to know if the Book of Mormon was true and if José Smith was a profet of God. He replied "I already know that it is true...but if you want me to pray about it I will...!!!"
I am excited but also a little scared for the challenge of lifting Tulancingo...I know that I can´t do it by myself. I can´t...only with help from above. I will just have to start by working...trying to put a little piece of my heart into all the people I meet and all the things that I do. Pray for me that I can be humble...the expectations are so much higher now that I have more experience and I will need all the help in the world (and above it) to be able to meet them. I love you all and pray for you. I´ll let you know about everything next week.
Elder Nelson

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