Wednesday, March 14, 2012

PB & J Sandwiches

Dear Family,                                                                                                                         

This week went by soo fast because we were soo busy all week. We had zone conferences in Tulancingo and Pachuca on Wednesday and Thursday so Tuesday in the night we went and stayed at President´s house to be able to leave early in the morning. We did divisions those two days with the zone leaders and then on Friday we finally got to work in our own area except that we did divisions with the zone leaders from Azteca so I didn´t get to work in my area until Saturday.

So as I said last week was super busy and we didn´t really even get for than 2 days to work I was a little worried going into Sunday. Usually it takes a little time to find good new investigators and when Sunday came we really hadn´t found anyone. But the whole way to the chapel we were praying for miracles...but when we passed by for one investigator that we had found he wasn´t there. But miracles do happen.  After sacrament was over I saw a man in jeans and a tie

talking to the bishop so I thought I would check it out. Turns out that he hadn´t been to church in 7 years and had finally come back of his own free will. He happened to bring along his 8 year old son and 11 year old daughter that aren´t members of the church and left his 14 year old son at home. He expressed his intention of coming back and

his desire to see his children baptized. Then we went to Gospel Principles and a recent convert presented us to her friend that she had brought to church. Her friend had come to her of her own free will and asked that she invite her to church!! To someone else those things might seem like petty details and interesting consequences but to me I

recognized them as a prayer answered. Sometimes we can´t control everything (even though we would really love to be able to). Sometimes the answer is to give it all you got and then sit back and pray for a miracle...but one thing I know is that I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and He never ever leaves us out in the dark. He wants even more than we do that we bring souls unto Christ.

In the zone conferences Elder Jordan and I capacitated (taught) about the first lesson (or in other words the first lesson contact with the investigator). There are three things that are essential in the first lesson and those are

1. The invitation to church (bread),

2. The invitation to read and pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true(PBJ) and

3. The invitation to act upon that answer an being baptized into the true Church of Jesus Christ (bread).

We compared it to a PBJ sandwich. If someone comes in and just throws a piece of bread (invite to the chapel) without bringing the spirit or finding a need it is simply just throwing a piece of bread and no one wants a piece of bread

thrown at them. (Elder Jordan demonstrated by throwing a piece of bread at me). Then we presented a nicely made PBJ sandwich (strawberry) that was cut up into triangles and presented on a plate. I tried to invite Elder Jordan to eat the sandwich...unfortunately he was allergic to strawberry.   After starting the lesson (like PME says in Como Comenzar a enseñar) we need to ask questions and find the need of the investigator because if we come in with a pre prepared

memorized lesson they will more often that not reject the gospel. Then Elder Jordan started asking me questions like what kind of bread I like and if was allergic to any sort of fruit or what kind of sandwich I was truly looking for in my life and made the sandwich while he was talking to me...much more appealing. But the important thing is that he can make a perfect sandwich...but if he does not invite me to eat it I will never truly accept the sandwich...if we never invite them to be baptized they will never do it and will never truly understand our purpose. Everything according to the spirit.

Also we played basketball today on the wooden court and I hurt my back a little. I was just jumping for a rebound and "poom" something went in my back. Not quite sure what happened yet because I am going to ice it and use icy hot and take ibuprofen for a couple days to see if that takes care of it. But it hurts just like it did when I hurt it Freshman year in basketball. Just though I would be honest and let ya know about when I am sick and things.

 This week we have 3 more zone conferences and so it is going to be a super busy semana. I guess we just take the waste and wear out our lives bringing to light hidden things scripture very literally in the mission.

 Day light saving doesn´t happen until the 1st of I don´t know what time it is there but here it is 4:50. ya...praying for ya....until next week.


Elder Nelson

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