Monday, February 6, 2012


Dear Family,                                                                                                                               

This week was crazy. A lot of things happened and we were soo busy all week. But first of said you were in a really busy city. Mexico City is a really busy city. It would have been kind of funny if you would have come here...but then again not really because I don´t really want to see y´all for a while. But really where did you go?

I have not yet gotten the Valentine´s day package but tomorrow is change so maybe I will get it then. Mexico does celebrate Valentine´s day...except a little different. It´s called "Día de la Amistad" and it is not so much a romantic thing as it is a friendship day. But we´ll see if I can think of something funny to do to Elder Jordan for Valentine´s day.

I sent the picture of Carolina who was baptized on Friday. Another elder and I found her on divisions and she is really really quiet. It is really hard to teach her because she is so quiet that it is hard to know what she is thinking. We ask her how she feels about the Book of Mormon and she just smiles and says "good." She kind of surprised me because I thought she wouldn´t be ready for this week but we asked her if she wanted to do it and she just smiled and said "yes." She is really cool though. We always teach her in the furniture store where she works and she and her daughter always read the things we leave with them several times so that they can understand them. When we first found her we asked her what she wanted most out of anything in the whole world and she just looked at us and said "change." We explained what the Atonement was and what we have to do to achieve change in our own lives. The Atonement is so powerful and coupled with the Book of Mormon there is basically no person that truly understands what we teach that will not get baptized.

The "Board"
In other news we got up at 4:45 today to go pick up the new Mexican missionaries. They seem pretty good and I am hopeful that they will be pretty powerful. Tomorrow are the changes. No new Americans got here this time so that was kind of weird.

Hey I was wondering if Darci was dead. I haven´t heard from her in a while and I am starting to wonder.

So this week Elder Jordan and I have more work than ever...we are starting a new campaign against disobedience but it´s going to be different this time. We are going to kill it or it is going to kill us. There is a no tolerance policy going into effect so we will we working with the zone leaders on that along with the changes meeting and the other 2 zone conferences this week. Life is good, I´m happy. Love ya.


elder Nelson

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