Monday, February 27, 2012

A day in the life...

Dear Family,

Pachuca overlooking Elder Nelson's old ward
This week was really crazy again. I don´t think I´ve ever been so tired in my life, but I wouldn´t have it any other way. This week we went to Pachuca to do divisions (The picture of the houses is from the upstairs window of the zone leaders’ house looking out over my old ward) and to pick up Elder Perez. He is the only missionary who was scheduled to finish his mission this change and so President sent him home 3 weeks early to make the process easier. We left at about 8 in the morning on Thursday from Pachuca and got home about 11...when President called and asked that we bring Elder Perez to his house so that he could have an interview with him. (President has been really sick and couldn´t leave his house). We left then and didn´t get back to our area until about 5 when we ate really quickly and left again to go do a baptismal interview...we finally started working about 7:30 at night. The next day Friday we started working like normal until about 12 when Elder Jordan rubbed his eyes after touching a plant...his eyes were apparently allergic and started swelling up and getting all puffy and burned so that he couldn´t open them. We went to the doctor and got some drops for him and finally got it all sorted out. We started working again about 4 in the afternoon and finished the day well. Then on Saturday morning we dropped Elder Perez off at the airport at about 6:30 am and went from there to President´s house where we had a planning meeting. Then we got news that a new Elder was going to be coming on Monday (today). So we woke up at 5:20am today to go get him and bring him to President´s house for the training and breakfast. We finally got back to our house at about 3:45 and got about 2 hours of P I am really excited to go to bed tonight. At the beginning of my mission I would think..."if I am this tired for the next two years I think I might die." I guess you just get used to being tired.

Elder Crown, Elder Pukahi, and Elder Jordan
The other picture I sent was of Elder Jordan and Elder Crown (financial secretary) and Elder Pukahi (visas secretary) before we left for President´s house this morning...and of the computer I am using to write this email to you.

 Well to answer questions we only have 1 ward. Campestre Aragon (the best ward). I haven´t spoke for a while but usually when the speakers don´t show up they ask us to speak about 5 minutes before the meeting starts. As for my retainer...I started doing really well at the new year, but then I got really sick and I got paranoid of everything and thought maybe my retainer had something on it that made me now I´m not so good. But I will clean it really well and try again...but if I get sick again I´m never wearing it again.

I have a couple souvenirs...but I am not going to buy anything until the end because I don´t want to have to carry it around with me in suitcases until I know that my next transfers will be Richland. The temple is still open.
This week we had a cool experience on Sunday. We were working like normal Sunday after church just street contacting and looking for new investigators when a huge black man yelled us over. He was bigger than Elder Jordan. His name is Carl and he is from Haiti. He said that he had gone to church a lot of times with his uncle in Haiti but had never gotten baptized. He speaks French and Haitian…and is learning Spanish. He didn´t speak too well and it was kind of weird. But he lives in a little room and moved in about 4 months ago and was excited to come back to church with us this week.
I am happy and healthy and trying to get better. Also...I´m not dying (far from it) or anything but I´ve accepted that I will have to know about BYU and other plans and so feel free ask questions and to let me know what is going on and what classes or whatever you signed me up for.

I love you all so much and I pray that God will do according to His will with each one of is the only way to be happy. Tell me where Laurel goes.

Elder Nelson

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