Monday, February 20, 2012

Week of Miracles

Dear Family,                                                                      
This has been a week full of miracles. Really every week is full of miracles but this week we had more than normal. But first of all I will answer the questions so that I don´t forget. The basketball court was in a deportivo. They are places that the government builds for people to have fun and play sports. There are baseball fields and soccer fields and running tracks....sort of like a huge community center. Since there is no safe place to run or do exercise in the city (everything is concrete) the government builds green areas for the people. It was free...actually we played there again today. The reason why Elder Jordan was missing shoes and I wasn´t dressed to play is because we had just finished and I had already changed and was just waiting for Elder Jordan to finish. Don´t worry I not hurt. I did get the SD card. Thank you very much. I still have like 3 quarters of a gig left on the one I´m using....but I would have to buy a new usb drive to back up the pictures before I sent the other one home. So I don´t know. I don´t really want to buy a new usb so I will probably just bring it home with me. Yes I loved the tie. I wore it on Sunday. Elder Jordan is getting the hang of things pretty well. The trick to being an assistant is doing things in the moment they are asked of us and always being one step ahead of President. 

We also went to Tepito today with a brother from our ward that works there. Tepito is a huge huge place where they sell everything imaginable. It is in the center of DF.

A week ago we were knocking some door is a habitational unity called "El Milagro" when we contacted a lady named Magdalena. She said she lived in an apartment building that is always always locked and that we can never get into. She said she would be back in 20 minutes because she was going to the papelería. She said she lived all the way to the top in the apartment 402. So we came back in 20 minutes to see if she was good for her word and just as we got to the building someone came out of the huge gate locking the building and let us in. So, taking advantage of the opportunity we knocked every door in the building...arriving to the door where Magdalena lives we were met at the door by a lady who was not Magdalena. She said that there was no one named Magdalena who lived in that building...weird. She let us in and we found out that she was a less active member from Oaxaca who was making a come back to the church. She was here in Df for only that day visiting her son who had moved into that apartment about 2 days before. Her son was also a less active member. She told us to come and visit her son and non-member wife. On Saturday we went back to find him. Just as we got to the building a man who was listening to loud music and smoking weed leaned out the window and asked us if we wanted to enter the building. He tossed us his keys so we could get in. We found Pablo (the less active son) and as soon as we knocked on the door he opened it and said "come in." He started to cry and said that it was time to come back to church but he just needed someone to invite him. He went to church yesterday and bore his testimony in Principio del Evangelio. God knows and loves each one of us and really truly will put the medios para que podamos regresar al camino verdadero si estamos dispuestos a poner nuestra parte.  (the means by which we can return to the true path if we are willing to do our part)   I was touched by how many miracles had passed just so that he could come back...I think that each of us has had experiences like that if we will just look for them.

Also on Thursday of last week we received a call from Elder Haslam who is the secretary. He was in the offices when he received a call. The man on the other end of the line said that he wanted to know more about the gospel of Jesus Christ and wanted to join the church. It just so happens that he lives in our area. Jorge worked in a pasterlería in front of the temple in Aragon. He passed by so many times and had the curiosity to know the church. He had stopped going to his Christian church for several reasons. We went to go visit him and he told us of how he had went to the temple and asked for the number to the just so happened that they gave him our office number and that he had the courage to call. He went to church on Sunday. We are teaching the family but his wife couldn´t go to church on Sunday.

Also we were checking some old investigators when we knocked the door of Mercedes. She is about 75 years old and reminds me a lot of Grandma Nelson. She told us that when we had come before she was too caught up in her traditions (Catholic) to really listen to us. But she had realized that she had never been baptized in the Catholic Church and she knew that she needed a baptism to be saved. She said she just really didn´t know anything about God and had a need to know about Him. She went to church on Sunday too. We have working really hard with the members to accompany us in visits and this week we didn´t have to pass by for anybody and we ended up with 12 investigators in church because the members went and picked them all up.

We also contacted a family this week who were baptized about 2 years ago in a different ward. They moved and lost contact with the ward. They were so excited to come back to church. The best part is that the father lives with a different wife now who is not a member of the church and his mother is not a member either and they are excited about being baptized to receive a remission of sins. So many people are just waiting for us to talk to them. I know with all my heart that God and his angels are preparing people as I write this to be found as soon as we leave from the internet café. This work can never be stopped until Christ will declare it done. It has the potential to change our very self...because the real purpose of missionary work in conversion, conversion of oneself and then conversion of many others. We are shaping our souls. There was a quote in the quote book Aunt Janet sent me that says "It makes all the difference to eternity whether we choose right or wrong today." I know that choosing right puts me where God can bless and protect me.  I love this work so much and I am so glad that I was called to this mission.

Tell Mitchell that I am way excited for him!! He will be an awesome missionary. Obedience and work are the secrets to a successful mission. I will be excited to know where Laurel is going. Mom, I love you too but hugs can wait 5 months. I love you all so much and I pray for you. I just want to be the kind of missionary that my mother thinks I am...we can never go wrong with that attitude. I love you.

Till next week,

Elder Nelson  

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