Monday, May 14, 2012

No Pasa Mexico!!!

Dear Family,                                                                                                                                                      

Well I feel like there isn`t much to say but I guess there were a couple of stories I forgot to tell yesterday.

Yesterday we were walking to the food appointment when we see a man of about 40 bear hugging a girl of about 18 from behind. She had something in her hand which she threw across the street at which point the man let her go and went to go pick up the phone which she threw. The phone landed about 5 feet from us and the girl was crying hysterically...she ran over to us, grabbed on the arm of my companion and started speaking to us in English. We were so shocked we didn`t really know what to do (when was the last time a girl sobbed on my companion`s arm?) So I astutely asked "Are you ok?" At which point she started speaking in English telling us that he had hit her and taken the phone (this whole time she is just clinging to the arm of Elder ReidReynoso) and she just kept asking us for help and then after 2 or 3 minutes of asking for help and sobbing she just said "Pues, ya me voy a mi casa..."  (Well, I'm going home) and just left. I just about died of laughter from the look of shock and helplessness on my companion`s face when she latched on. I don`t really know if she was lying or what the deal was...but I guess we`ll never know.

The other funny story of the week was that we were contacting in our area when we contacted an older lady. We asked if we could accompany her to her house to share a message of Jesus Christ and she just said "well, I don`t think you actually want to go to my house but let`s go...." I thought that was kind of weird so I started to ask her if she had a mean dog or a mean husband or something of the sort and she just kept saying no, but you don`t want to come to my house. I kind of started getting the feeling that she was taking us to her church...I was right. She took us to the Catholic Church "El Sagrado Crozòn de Jesucristo." I tried explaining to her that we couldn`t go in because we had a rule that said that we can`t preach in the churches of other churches. But she wouldn`t take no for an this point there were a lot of people staring at us wondering why we were there and they just kept saying "no pasa pasa nada." (Nothing happens…nothing happens) I said no...but she just grabbed my arm and dragged me in and I didn`t really want to make a scene so I just thought "what the heck" and in we went. She took us above the church to a little chapel where the altar to Cristo Rey was set up. You can look those up on the internet without fear..not the same as Tepito...they are Saints that they pray to. Basically they are idols. This one was a four poster bed type thing with gold ribbons and places to kneel in front. She started telling us that we were very misled and that we should come back to the only true church...the catholic one. She asked us why we didn`t come visit Dios (she was referring to the altar) and we briefly tried to explain authority and how to recognize the true church...but upon seeing that she wouldn´t listen and seeing that she tried to force Elder ReidReynoso to kneel on the altar we took our leave. Everyone just kind of smiled at us in a "I don`t know what you are doing here but you`re idiots" kind of way on our way out. Just another adventure of contacting in never really know what is going to happen.

Today we went to play soccer on a Fut-7 field with a bunch of 14 -15 year old jovenes. (They were already there and wanted to play against the gringos). We whooped them. It was kind of funny to see their frustration on being beat by a bunch of gringos at their own game. That reminds of another funny story that happened this week. We were knocking doors when we passed by a bunch of little kids. They all stopped talking and stared at us like they usually do...but then about 5 minutes later a little boy with his older sister came up to us (The little boy obviously had a question for us but was to embarrased to ask us) and asked us "¿Ustedes son gringos?"  (you are the gringos?) and we answered yes. They jus tsaid ok, and they left. It was funny and gave us a good laugh.

Well it was great to see and hear all of you yesterday. I guess that`s the last time I will get to skype home from Mexico so I hope ya`ll enjoyed it. Melissa sounds so much like Darci I thought it was Darci that was speaking at first, Cameron, I hope you`re studying PME because you`ll need it out here. I couldn`t tell if you and Kolby were wearing my clothes or not but I am going to need those in a couple months so don`t break anything. It was good to see Darci and Joe still happy and together like it should be. Tell Grandma I will come help her in her garden when I get home.

I love you all so much and give Chika a belly rub for me.


Elder Nelson

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