Monday, May 7, 2012

The Rosario

Morning Smoke from the Fields in Tulancingo

Dear Family,                                      

Well...I`m gonna answer all the questions first.  I am excited for the phone call. As for release date I`m sure it is the 21st Saturday that I will be traveling....just they haven`t bought my ticket yet so I don`t know about that. I actually just had to fill out a survey today about which airport I would be flying into and all that fun stuff.... Elder Haslam or Elder Hicken should be giving you a call to tell you my travel plans. I always understood that they bought the ticket at the beginning of the last change of the missionary...for me that would be around June 9th but who knows what really goes on in the offices these days.

My new companion is Elder Reidreynoso. He is from Sacramento California (about an hour from Elder Bringhurst) and he is really a great companion. I sent the baptismal picture from this week and he is in it. He baptized the mom (Hilda) and I baptized the kid (Ulises). He is pretty much a normal American and I love him. He has about 17 months in the mission and so he`s still a young spring chicken. He is kind of going through the same things I went through when I got here because of the drastic change in environment (he comes from DF). I don`t know what else to say so you`ll have to ask questions.

For 5 de Mayo they didn`t really do that much except go to misa...

Elder Reidreynoso, Hilda, Ulises, and Elder Nelson

Hilda and her son are just awesome people and I am so happy that they got baptized. They were a reference from a recent convert. She lost her son about 2 years ago to suicide and a week later lost her father to sickness and so she has had to live through some major trials in her life. When her son died they put a rosario around his neck that smelled like roses, it was a special and unique scent. He was buried in the rosario. While she was preparing to go to our first appointment together she started smelling the same smell and just kind of brushed it off as an afterthought. After our appointment her mom asked her if she (this was independent because she hadn’t told anyone about the smell) had smelled the roses from the rosario of her son that afternoon. She said that she had and realized that her son was with her and wanted her to take this step of faith to be able to do the work for him. Cool huh?

All right in the phone call ask me to tell you about the experience we had with the crazy lady from the sagrado corozon de Jesucristo.

That is a crazy coincidence about Elder Swenson....the world is too small. He finishes up about 2 weeks after Jackson I think. (Elder Swenson is a friend of Braden's from BYU who is serving in Jackson Ostler's sister's mission.  The Ostler's visited her mission over spring break and happened to see him in the offices.  I sent Braden their picture.)

Well....sorry this is such a short letter....I had to do a couple of other paper work things with my hour of internet this week but I figured it was ok because I will be talking to you on Sunday anyways. Nice vest Kolby and Cameron. Talk to ya soon (and don`t worry I`m not gonna stop working hard till the plane hits the`s the only way to show my love for the Savior.....and I still have 11 weeks left (that`s a long time))


Elder Nelson   

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