Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Toaster Brings Much Happiness

Dear Family,                                                                                                                                                                                      

Sounds like everyone is doing well as school winds down. Cameron is graduating in 2 weeks! That is so weird...in the mission is just kind of seems like everything just kind of stays the same....but I guess a lot changes in 2 years. Enjoy your last two weeks...it will be hard to leave behind the self and life that you have worked so hard to create...but bigger and better things await.  That is really cool that Jon got to be Laurel`s teacher for a day (From Peggy: I had misunderstood...but they did see each other!)...speaking of which I would really love to teach in the MTC. I know it is really hard to get a job there but if you could ask Jon what you need to do or whatever so that I know. I think that would be the coolest job in the whole world. As for domestic things I wish I would`ve known...not really. I kinda just learned whatever I needed to on the spot...or at least I made it up and it all turned out all right. I can`t really think of anything except for don`t freak out too bad about Cameron leaving...we never really truly leave. I am glad that you got my SD card...I know that you like it when I explain tings but that would just be too hard. I guess I can explain the rest when we have the chance.

We baptized a lady named Alma (she is about 40) this week. She`s one that I would love to tell you about but since her situation is a little delicate I will have to wait to tell you about her in person. She is a super super elect investigator. Every single time we would go over to teach her she would ask us "When can I be baptized?" We asked her why she wanted to be baptized so badly and she just said that she was sick of doing life the wrong way and wanted to finally dedicate herself to God. She has lived a pretty rough life and the gospel is the answer for her and for everyone else. After being baptized (I would send the picture but the computer I`m on is kind of dumb and freezes every time I try to attach it) she stood up and bore her testimony, she said "I am grateful to be here and I am ready to work, I never want to leave this church." Her sister came with her who is not a member and in part of her testimony she publicly invited her sister to listen to us and be baptized!! So cool!!

Hilda and Ulises are doing really well, they are always there in the mutual activities and church services and are just so happy to be in the true church. The girl that I told you about in my phone call Ana, the one that received an answer about how God really does exist and love her came to church with her family this week. They are scheduled for baptism for this week and so we will see what happens. I want them to be baptized so badly because I have seen how much progress they have made and how much of a blessing the gospel will be in their lives.

Well I just realized that there is less than two weeks left until my birthday which means that there is only two weeks left of Jackson`s mission....I feel bad for the poor guy. He must be freaking out right now wondering what will happen after the fat lady sings. Good thing that`s not me that`s all I can say. Life just doesn`t really exist after the mission...it doesn`t really seem real.

Well Cameron looks a lot different in those pictures than I remember him. Tell Kolby to keep practicing his piano because there are not very many missionaries and less members that know how to play. We need more piano players in the world. Also is Cameron playing very much guitar these days?

Tonight we are going to travel into DF because Elder ReidReynoso has to renew his visa tomorrow in Polanco so looks like it will be a long bus ride. We will be staying with the secretaries so it will be fun to see them again and catch up on old times. Zone Tulancingo baptized 8 people this week. (Last week we baptized 3 and the weeks before that 8) so we are finally starting to see some progress. The expectation is that every zone baptize about 12 a week so we are on our way. With Elder Cataldo we were averaging about 4 or 5 a week and this week the zone has 14 people with a baptismal date. We are also focusing really hard on making sure that the missionaries are baptizing quality people and not just people that are willing. We want to be a help and not a burden to the ward and stake and baptizing the "low lying fruit" (remember when you talked to me about that a long time ago when I was still in high school?) is only a burden. We want to see the church explode in Tulancingo and that requires more than simply baptizing whoever.

Not a lot happened this week so I`m sorry for not having any exciting or dangerous or funny stories. Time is just going by so quickly that I don`t really realize it. It is just work work work and then it is Sunday...the work work work and then it is Sunday again. I guess time flies when you are having fun. We bought a toaster this week so I am way excited for that. Well...love ya.


Elder Nelson

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