Monday, May 28, 2012

Holding to the Rod

Titans of Tulancingo

Dear Family,                                                                                                                                                        

Sorry for this week it`s gonna be a little short. We did our zone activity in Huauchinango today and it took a little longer than I thought it was going to. It was a really cool activity. Remember that one time in Helaman`s camp where they did a representation of the iron rod? That`s what we did but we did it to the base of a huge waterfall. We collected letters from all the converts of the missionaries as the fruit. It was really special and at the end we had a testimony meeting. I sent some pictures. Everyone is making a T sign because we are the Titans of Tulancingo. I can explain more next week if you would like.
Hold to the Rod in Huauchinango

The Straight and Narrow path by the Rod

Thanks for all the E mail! I usually go and print it off in the morning to read it throughout the day but we didn`t have time today because I left for Huauchinango at 7 in the morning so I will read them tonight and respond next week.

I can`t believe it is going to be June...time is so weird. I also can`t really believe that I am going to be 21...I still feel like I am 18 and fresh out of high school. I guess not.

This last week we were going to have a baptism of Liset and her sister Ana (the one that I told you about in phone call that had a prayer answered to know that God is real). They are 17 and 15 ...they are the ones that I told you about where we didn`t really know what to do when she answered the door and told us to come in but we decided to teach them. They didn`t get baptized because they just didn`t quite get ready enough. They are having issues leaving behind the Virgin of Guadalupe and hadn`t quite progressed enough but we are going to work really hard with them to see if we can get them ready for this week.

Zone Conference in Huauchinango
We are also teaching Eusevio, he is 23. We found him through a ward activity and he just is super golden. He wants to change his life and wants to be baptized (that is what he told us in our first visit with him). The challenge is that he doesn`t know how to read very well...more or less like a first grader. We have been visiting him everyday and teaching him little by little and I hope that he can be ready for this week also. We had a finding drought last week but I had a cool experience on Sunday. I was sitting in Sacrament meeting wondering what we had done wrong or why we hadn’t been able to find new investigators this week. All of the sudden a calm assurance came over me and I knew that God loved me and was pleased with our efforts of that week. I felt very strongly that the trial was over and that we were going to have a week of miracles. Walking out of the chapel  I contacted the first person I saw...a man of about  50 wearing a plaid shirt dad would wear. I asked him if he would like a tour of the chapel and he said yes. Turns out he has been researching churches and wanted to know more about the Book of Mormon and had been searching for an opportunity to get to know the church!! Miracles that happen after trials are the best. time`s up for this week but I will have more time next week to respond to questions and letters. Thanks for everything....
I love you all and I am so proud of all of you. Congrats of the graduation and the scholarships Cameron and keep on keepin on to the rest.


 Elder Nelson

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