Sunday, September 12, 2010

MTC=Mom's Boot

Dear Family, 9/7/10

Thank you for the package! I just barely got it, so forget anything I asked for today in the e-mail. (Mom's note: I just sent the things he asked the communication lapses!) I decided I don't actually need my running shoes. Thanks for everything. The pudding will be awesome. The mail room was crazy because yesterday was Labor Day. Everything here is good. No news about the visa, and more likely than not I will be delayed. I'm starting to run again instead of soccer. Not that soccer isn't fun, it's just that I need to expend more energy. Running feels so good when you study for 12 hours a day. I can tell it is starting to be Fall because the sun doesn't come over the mountains until 9:30 or so and that makes for a cold gym. (We usually have gym at 8:25) So thank you for the long sleeve shirts, they will come in handy. The articles are awesome, and I think Grandma would love the Spirit World one. It is incredible how clearly described everything is. I think it
1) gives us a greater hope for and understanding of those that have passed on and
2) It also gives a much greater desire to do what it takes, whatever that may be, to achieve exaltation.
In case you were wondering why I asked for them, it was a result of my personal study. In the mornings we have 45 minutes to study before breakfast. I write down questions that I have such as, is man born evil or is evil a learned habit? Then I use the scriptures to research the answers. That usually leads to more questions....etc. I have never tried this before, and I've found that as I do this my understanding of the Gospel and familiarity with the scriptures has grown exponentially.

I'm glad Melissa & Kolby are doing well at their new schools, but I can't say I'm surprised because after all they are related to me. Sorry, just kidding, that was a joke. No, but I've found that humility and patience are very important in performing the work of the Lord. Every time I start feeling like I might actually be good at Spanish, I'm not. It's like as if the MTC is Mom's boot, (Mom's note: I am in a walking boot for a broken bone in my foot. I have been since July :( ) every time I feel like I'm ready to take it off, every time I think I'm healed the Dr. shows me I'm not healed. He allows me to see hispanohablantes, or shows me some tense that I'm not good at. Patience is key, eventually I will take the boot off and get into the field. The Dr. just needs more time for me to develop. Alma 34:40. Also, we are not yet as Job, nor will we probably ever be. God gives us trials, problems and annoyances to knock off our rough edges. He is good at that.

So anyways, I'm going to apologize to Cameron & Melissa. I've run out of time to write this week. So....Melissa: your classes sound awesome, school is the best. I had Mrs. Bozzi also. Cameron: your goals sound awesome, now plan out what you have to do to accomplish your goals. Be specific and plan dates for deadlines. It will help you actually accomplish them.

Thanks everyone for everything. Sorry if I ever ask you to do things, it's just what I do now. I want all of us to get closer to Christ so we can be there with Him someday together. I Love all of you.


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