Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh the Places You Might Go...

Dear Family,

Well we went and talked to the Travel Office on last Thursday and they told us to come back on Tuesday, which is today. So we went to the Travel Office today...and they told us to come back tomorrow. I am pretty sure that I am going to be reassigned, so I should find out tomorrow and I might even be wherever it is that I'm going before I get the chance to e-mail you again. Although I think if I get temporarily reassigned then I will be able to call you from the airport. So that would be good. That's as much as I know about that, I'm not praying for anything in particular about it anymore, I just want to know if and where I'm going.

So on Wednesday of last week we weren't supposed to host. But we went down and asked if they needed any more help, and they said they did. So we went to the training meeting 15 minutes later and got to be hosts. Then all of the sudden Sis. Ostler is yelling out of the side of the car with a camera. So I ran down to where they were unloading and took over the hosting for Amanda; it was really cool to see people from home again. Amanda made it inside alright and I have seen her a couple more times since. She seems to be doing well. Thanks for both of the packages. I will be sending a box home with all of the things that I don't actually need for the field. I don't know if we will be able to host again this week but I hope so.

This week I have started to read one talk from General Conference everyday, and write down the best quotes. It is incredible to go back over the talks and rediscover what was actually said. There are some great quotes. President Packer's address has been my favorite so far. I feel like reading the talks I can get so much more out of them because I can sit and think about it. I don't think we really can understand what kind of an opportunity General Conference is. If the Book of Mormon is true, which it is, Joseph was a prophet. If Joseph was a prophet, which he was, then Thomas S. Monson and all of the other Church leaders are literally speaking the words that God would speak were He present. They are tailored to us in our own language, slang included. They are provided in a culture and spirit that we know and understand. They are like Isaiah, but with modern metaphors and similes.

One other thing that I have been doing this week is I have started memorizing a scripture everyday in Spanish. It is hard sometimes but I can already see how it is going to help me soo much. This week I memorized 10 scriptures, hopefully I can do the same this week. In order to do it I have to bring my flash cards with me to meals and walking places, it makes feel like I am better using the Lord's time. Also congratulations to Mom for finishing the Isaiah chapter a couple weeks ago, I am in the beginning of them...in spanish. The other chapters aren't so bad anymore because I can read them without having to look up too many words, maybe one word in 5 verses. In the Isaiah chapter I have to look up 5 words every verse, plus most of them are being used figuratively. But I know that if I puedo perseverar hasta el fin(endure to the end), the Lord will bless me and my language skills will be much improved. How cool is it going to be when I can say that I have finished the Isaiah chapters in another language?

One thing though, I heard that BYU lost badly to Air Force...really? 1, we lost to Air Force, 2 we got embarrassed by them. What is the world coming to? Anyways, that probably shouldn't matter to me anyways but BSU is ranked top 3? I think the second coming is happening, with all of its disasters and such. Well sounds like there is a lot of soccer going on, I will probably be playing soccer for a while, or running. I found out that the gym won't be open to play basketball 2 weeks...it was supposed to open 2 weeks ago. But I won't complain, there must be some reason I am not supposed to play basketball. Maybe I would break my arm or something.

We went to the temple today and did sealings again, it was awesome. I can't say too much, but just that the Spirit is soo strong in the sealing rooms with all the blessings that are promised. So many people are happy on the other side. We sealed over 70 children to their parents and had 15 couple got married. I love you all, I hope you are all doing well and doing what God wants you to do. Read your scriptures, say your prayers.



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