Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The One and True Church

Hello Family!

I'm glad BYU won! We had MDT during the afternoon from 1 to 5 that day, and we could hear all the pre-game things going on. It was the only music from the outside world I've heard in almost 2 months. We heard the kickoff and the first couple posessions, that was good but also bad. It made me realize how much I loved BYU and how much I wish I were there. But I am where I am supposed to be, and If I were at BYU it wouldn't be the same because I'm supposed to be here on my mission. We got 2 new teachers, Hermano Galán, and Hermana Alvarez. Hermano Galán is from Ecuador and he served his mission in Ecuador. Hermana Alvarez is from Burley, ID and served her mission in Chile. They are both good teachers, and it is good that we have an hispanohablante, native spanish speaker teaching us so that we can get used to the speed and accent. We just asked the Travel Office today about our visas, but they didn´t know anything new. We are supposed to receive our travel plans this week on Friday, so we´ll see. I just have to keep telling myself that maybe there is something more I need to learn here, or maybe there is someone else on some other mission that I need to talk to. There is and must be a reason for everything.

That is a good time for Kolby, now we´ll see how he handles the 3 mile race. I´m sure he´ll do well because all soccer players are good at running.

This week was fast Sunday, but around here there isn´t a choice involved. They don´t serve meals until 5 so everyone fasts. This week I have been reading over my patriarchal blessing a lot. It´s crazy how you can read the same thing at different times in your life and have it mean such completely different things. The other thing I´ve been working on is being bold. That is sort of a hard thing for me because I´m kind of a shy person. But the Lord doesn´t want shy missionaries, he wants people who are not afraid of the reproach of men. He wants people that will unquestioningly do His will no matter what, no matter who they have to talk to to accomplish it. I think the Lord needs all of us the be bolder. As we boldly defy our own desires and fears, and the revilings and discouragement of others we show our devotion to the Lord. A good measure of your own personal faith and devotion is how well you follow the commandments, all of them, and the immediateness of your response to the promptings of the Spirit. It is in the obedience to small and simple things through which God can bring great things to pass, and through the whisperings of the Holy Ghost that we can truly find those things that will make us the most happy. I have found in my personal study that if I follow the promptings of the Spirit (which most of the time come through random thoughts running through my head with out some sort of large spiritual experience) I find those things that help me the most with lessons and problems.

I am excited to see Amanda, also Jonny Vance comes in this week. If you decide to send another package could you send my running shoes (brooks...just ask Cameron), my long sleeve t'shirt and my other watch that I bought from WalMart, it´s black.

I love you all, thanks for everything you do. Today we went to the temple and I acted as a child in sealings, it was soo awesome. This church has got to be the one and true Church, through it we can gain all things we´ve ever truly wanted in this life and the life beyond. We can gain exaltation and a seat at the right hand of God, to sing His praises forever because of the great and marvelous work which he has done for us. I love you

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